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Калина красная

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getting at?
What a mess! Now what's going to happen?
Look how you have it all worked out.
The country produces electricity,
locomotives, millions of tons of iron.
People strain their utmost powers.
They fall from their feet with fatigue,
they stutter from stress.
They get covered with wrinkles at the north pole.
They are forced to get golden teeth inserted.
How else can it be?
And at the same time there are people
who from all human inventions
have chosen the oven!
Very well! Better to sit around in a warm place
then work hard with others.
He's slaving away from childhood,
farming from when he was ten!
Comments later.
We are all very kind when it does not touch
our own interests.
I am an old record-holder!
I have eighteen diplomas!
Then why don't you speak up?
How can I speak up? You don't let me say a word.
Where are the diplomas?
Where are they?
I want to take a look.
Over there.
Where - 'there'?
In the cabinet. Piled up neatly.
They ought to be on the wall,
not in the cabinet.
So, how is it going?
Is everything alright?
I made the banya (sauna) ready.
Some swank guy you found for yourself!
If only you'd heard what he said here.
I can't even repeat it.
It's nothing.
We just made an elephant out of a flea.
Just had a conversation.
Don't take offense, father.
I am just a funny guy.
Check it out, he says he was an accountant,
then as if there was an inspection...
But you can tell by his face that he's a bandit.
Oh yeah? So what?
Nothing, just be careful.
Go take a look at this accountant.
That kind will stab with a knife without
a moment's hesitation.
Oh yeah? So what?
Go take a look at him and show yourself.
Let him be scared. We're neighbors now.
So what?
Just that our daughter is of school-age!
That's what!
You keep saying 'so what', 'so what'?
We often have to stay alone at night,
and you just keep saying 'so what'. Blockhead!
Wife and daughter will get slaughtered
and he won't lift a finger.
The house will be full of dead bodies but he
will only repeat his 'so what'.
Well, big deal.
How can this be, Egor. You come all this way to propose, and you don't even bring a change of underwear?
Who does this?
Prison is prison, not a resort.
Even a resort can leave you... with nothing on.
Remember how Vasya Belov came back from a resort: 'Lots of experience, but no more money.'
I found something from my former husband.
What do you mean?
My former husband's.
What's wrong?
Lyuba, I am not a beggar
to wear somebody else's underpants.
I have money,
just need to go to a store and buy it.
Where can you buy it now, shops are closed.
Nothing wrong with it, I washed it.
Take it. It's not from a dead man.
Jeez, you know how to put things.
Here's a towel.
How low can you go?
I'm even beginning to get interested.
I'll sing you a song:
'In that garden in the valley...'
Go, go, go!
One thing: our Peter is not very welcoming.
Don't mind him, he's like this with everyone.
Oh yeah, our Peter is like a wooden log.
Are crewcuts accepted?
All kinds are accepted.
Maybe even a kiss?
Georgiy means you're Jora.
Not Jora but George.
Today all day I'm like a clown in a circus.
Did I get in your way?
Is it so hard to shake hands?
Here take the hand.
Thank you, I don't need it.
Look at him, so uptight.
Why are you sitting around?
Keep bathing. I'll go last.
I come from prison. We go after you.
Don't bother about me.
There you are, Jora. Can't fall any lower.
Like the poor relative.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you lying around?
I am an orphan.
So what? Are you coming or not?
I have release from prison papers!
Tomorrow, I'll go and get the same passport like you have.
Same, except for a small remark that
nobody will ever look at.
I'm gonna grab you, shove you into a tub and
put it on the stove.
Without a passport,
with the release papers alone.
That's more like it. I thought you needed to see my diploma.
Калина красная Калина красная

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