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Калина красная

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I am not an accountant?
That's clear.
But just so you know, madam,
I am a driver of the first category.
Well, not first, but second.
- Do you have a license?
- No, my license is in Magadan.
See now? You can sew slippers and you're a driver.
You'll be priceless here.
Let's go.
Typical peasant psychology. Head on.
I went to prison 7 times, you fool!
I am an incorrigible thief!
Quiet, quiet. Are you drunk?
Then what's the matter?
Let's go to my place. Have a week's rest.
I have nothing to steal. Catch a breath.
Then you can go and rob your stores.
Or people will say: she did not welcome him
and sent him away.
Why did I invite you then?
They're coming!
- In a red shirt, like an executioner!
- Oh Dear!
Why are you standing around?
- What to do?
- Let's go.
Why are we running away?
What happened? Who's coming?
Now we'll start a new life. We'll have to watch our back every minute of the day from now on.
What a stubborn girl, so headstrong!
What could I do?
Don't show that you're afraid.
Like we have not seen robbers before!
Like some Stepan Razin, the steppe invader.
But we have to greet him properly.
We will.
Let's do everything like we should.
Then we'll see.
Maybe we'll even have to die because
of our own daughter.
God, what are you talking about?
Ah, Lyuba, Lyuba. Thank you, dear daughter.
Good afternoon.
Here is our accountant.
Sit down, Georgiy.
Come, sit down!
Thank you. May I sit next to you?
There you go.
He's no big criminal at all.
He got into the jail by...
Egor, what's the word?
By accident.
By mistake.
And how many years does one get 'by accident'
these days?
Five years.
Not enough. Before you got more.
What kind of accident was that, sonny?
His boss was embezzling, and he had to cover up.
Well, are you all satisfied?
Now it's time to feed him, the guest had a long trip.
I'll go check the banya (sauna), Egor.
Mom, give him food.
May I smoke here?
You may.
Would you like a cigarette?
I don't smoke.
Are you orthodox Christians?
I'm not religious, I just don't smoke.
I don't want to.
Don't want or can't? It is not the same.
One guy said: 'Ah, they're killing me!'
They ask him: 'Who's killing you?'
He says: 'My boots are killing me.'
So what accident was it, you said?
Aimed at the head but hit the forehead?
Seven people were stabbed to death.
8th one fled.
- Seven ...
- Seven.
Piled them into a sack and dropped them in the water.
But 8th one reported on us.
Heavens! Fedya ...
Sit down.
One fool is blabbering, the other one believes everything.
Watch what you say!
There are elderly people here.
And why are you, elderly people,
making a bandit out of me?
She told you, I was an accountant.
But you start picking on me.
Well, so I was in prison.
Are there only murderers there?
Who called you a murderer?
But watch your tongue and don't exaggerate.
An accountant!
I've seen some accountants in my life.
They are all quiet and shy.
An accountant has a feeble voice, he wears glasses.
Then I noticed they all have upturned noses
and they watch ballet on television.
What kind of accountant are you?
You can wack piglets with your forehead.
You can tell Lyuba you're an accountant.
She'll buy it.
From the moment you came in, I could tell.
This guy either got into a fight
or stole a truckful of logs?
You oughta work in the police, father.
They wouldn't let you go.
Were you in Kolchak's white troops, huh?
Or in counter-intelligence? Speak up.
Did you execute anyone?
What are you talking about?
And why are we so embarrassed all of a sudden?
I'm just asking. Why so embarrassed?
Look me in the eyes! In the eyes!
In hard times, did you steal grain from the
collective farm fields?
What's he getting at?
What am I getting at...
Why are you so lost?
In the eyes, look me in the eyes!
Okay, to put it differently,
in a family manner.
Do you frequently speak at collective
farm meetings?
What are you
Калина красная Калина красная

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