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Калина красная

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matter what you say, I like silence.
Why don't you come, dear Egor?
Ah, you're a good soul... Wait ...
Maybe we can yet get somewhere?
Maybe I haven't lost everything yet?
Why not?
Wherever life takes us!
You know what,
let's go get something in the tearoom?
- I don't drink.
- Come on, "I don't drink!"
- Or are you trying to make good impression?
- Well, I do drink sometimes in company.
But getting stuck in a pub - I am not into these things. I'm a moderate person.
What's the big deal? We'll get some tea, that's all.
You'll tell me about yourself.
My Mom and Dad are very strict.
They told me: "Don't you dare
bring your inmate here!"
I told them: "God forbid, what inmate is he?
It was all by an accident." Right?
Let's use another door.
They stand and stare.
What is "right?"
That you were in prison by an accident?
Oh, yeah. Coincidence.
Bad luck.
- Your parents really hard?
- No. Why?
So strict. And I smoke.
They'll ask me to leave.
No big deal, my father smokes, and my brother.
- There's a brother too?
- Yes, big family.
My brother has a daughter.
She's in high school.
This is good. And then?
Going to study law?
Come in.
- Shall we take a bottle and go somewhere?
- Why? Look how nice it's here.
Nyura, bring us ...
What shall we have, Egor?
- Red wine. Vodka gives me heartburn.
- A bottle of red wine.
It's so great here.
Open space, freedom.
Well, Egor, tell me more about yourself.
Just like an interrogation. What can I say?
I was an accountant in the council. The management must have been embezzling.
And then the inspection came. Naturally, I got a sentence. You know how it can be.
Listen, let's leave,
we're sitting here like two hairs on a bald spot.
Everyone's watching.
What do you care? Let them watch.
You're not a fugitive.
- Here's my release papers.
- Sheesh, I did not mean it so literally.
- So how long were you in prison?
- Last time?
Five years.
With clutches like yours you were an accountant? I don't believe you.
I trained them there.
We were sewing lots of slippers.
These hands are for breaking locks,
not sewing slippers.
Good joke!
And what do you plan to do here?
Again accounting?
No, no more accounting.
Then what? Sew slippers?
I have to look around first.
Lyuba, go easy on me.
You did not give me a minute's break.
Work and work.
We used to say, work is not a hare - it won't escape.
Let's wait.
Why did you lie to me?
I wrote to your prison director.
And he answered me.
That's what's the matter!
Go then, Lyuba, speed along,
pour the wine bravely!
You wrote such nice letters...
I remember them by heart.
Maybe a talent is being wasted?
"Prisons destroyed my talent and youth..."
What's the rush now?
Wait, let's talk.
What hell of a prison director!
Cool how I made myself look like a goody, huh?
An accountant.
Accounting of the
goods for the general public.
What did you lie to me for, Egor?
Wanted to rob me or something?
That's too much.
I go to the other end of the world to steal
two pairs of felt boots?
You're insulting me, Lyuba!
Then what did you want?
I don't know. A little rest for the soul.
I want a holiday.
I've waited for it for so long!
Ah, Egor!
You are really tired.
Like a horse going up the mountan.
Only there's no foam in the mouth yet.
You'll drop dead.
Do you really have no relatives?
Lyuba, don't hit below the waist, please!
I'm not a beggar yet.
In any case, I can always rob a liquor store.
Sometimes, I am incredibly rich, Lyuba.
Too bad you did not meet me in those days.
You'd see that I have nothing but contempt for
this stinky money.
Nothing but contempt, but you go
through such torments for it?
Not because of the money.
Then why?
I can't be anybody else on this earth, only a thief.
Oh, look how scary you are.
Only no one is afraid.
Drink up and let's go.
To my place. Didn't you come to visit me?
Or do you have another penpal?
Even though we established
Калина красная Калина красная

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