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Как только сможешь

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lot of money setting this thing up.
Well, you better let
the sporting folks know.
- Are you going to fight?
- I don't know. That depends on Wilson.
You want to stay with Orville?
On your way out, could you kind of
tell the nurses what a hero I am?
- Why didn't I think of that?
- Is that the hero?
That's him lying right there.
You're a good man, Philo Beddoe.
That hurts right here.
- Young man's got a real healthy appetite.
- That he does.
I don't think we can end it even.
I don't think.
But then, on the other hand...
...I don't have any great desire
to make Beekman rich.
Did you figure you would?
I figure.
But then, I guess we'll just have to find out
if I would have or not.
I guess.
Real shame.
- It would've been the fight of the century.
- Sure as hell would have.
I blew a $100,000 deal to get out here
for this fight.
Hell, it would have been worth it.
Wilson would have taken him.
- The hell he would have.
- Who cares?
Get up there.
Look at this.
Let me see.
All right, you kids,
what are you doing here?
I said, what are you kids doing here?
Come on. Move back.
It's on.
The fight.
Jackson Base, this is Car 2.
The fight is on. Here.
Breaker, 1-9.
This is your good news channel.
It's on! The fight is on!
Did you hear that?
What are you waiting for, dummy?
Aren't you going to have any? Come on.
- Jim, the fight is on. They're fighting!
- What time is it?
- 11:50.
- All bets don't cancel until noon.
That means all bets are still on.
Come on, lets go!
It's on!
- What?
- The fight.
It's on. The fight's on!
Hey, Cholla. What are we doing on foot?
- I told you. The cops pinched the bikes.
- Yeah, but what for?
Who's head of this outfit anyway,
you or me?
Come on.
It's right around the corner,
and we'll be ringside, boys.
Come on!
Come on!
Kill him. You heard me. Right now.
Listen up.
That's Beekman's hoods up there.
They're gonna kill Beddoe.
Cholla, that's great.
Let's give them a hand.
You twit!
I sold all our bikes and put
everything we had on Beddoe to win!
Cholla, how could you?
We been at war with Beddoe
for over a year.
War is war, but business is business.
If Beddoe losses, we are flat busted.
Hell, yeah, business is business.
Don't you stand there, you freaks,
go get them!
We could end it here, you know.
No, you owe me one.
- Hey, is it over?
- I don't know.
Think I'd buy that while I'm still standing?
It's broke.
That's it.
- No, it ain't.
- That's it.
- His arm's broke.
- Philo broke his arm.
Stop this. It doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.
- Beddoe.
We're even.
I owe you.
Come on. Put that spaghetti down.
I knew he would do it.
You get your money's worth.
- Was I out?
- Yeah.
- How long?
- Long enough.
That's it, then.
That's it.
- That was one hell of a fight.
- Better get that arm fixed.
- I think we better get out of here.
- You're right.
He's paying off 30 cents on the dollar.
But he offered us 40 cents
if we promised not to touch him.
- Did you promise?
- Of course.
Now go back there and kill him.
Hell, Zack, 30 cents on the dollar
isn't gonna pay for the cost of that plane.
It don't matter.
It's worth it to pay for the privilege
of seeing a fight like that.
Sure as hell is.
I should say.
I'm gonna have to call you
on your bloomers, ma'am.
Oh, damn it. Chivalry ain't dead in Texas.
Thank you, ma'am.
- What's the matter, who is it?
- Tony's boys.
What are they coming here for?
- What the hell do you think for?
- Yeah, but they promised.
Come on.
Hurry up. Grab the case. Come on.
Hey, Beekman, I believe you owe us
another 70 cents on the dollar.
Come on, get out of the way, you punks.
You really don't know who we are, do you?
Tell him who we are.
We are the Black Widows.
We are feared throughout the land.
- Jim.
- Let's get the hell out of here!
You see how they lit out of here
when they found out who we were?
Didn't I
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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