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Как только сможешь

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I trust you're not so foolish
as to believe that, Mr. Beddoe.
No, I'm not.
Lynn, the fight's not your concern.
I'll have you out of there on Saturday.
Philo, listen...
We have a deal, Mr. Beddoe?
You'll produce her Saturday noon,
before the fight, right?
All right, boys. Belly up to the table.
Get yourself some hair there.
Here. Paint on some eyebrows.
You look like a bunch of freaks.
- You promised me a moustache.
- Cholla. You promised I could be a blond.
I want to be a redhead.
- Give me that brown one.
- I like brown.
Cholla, why don't you tell him
to give me what I asked for?
I love it.
Nobody knows nothing.
I checked everybody I know,
even the sleaZies.
They're probably holding her somewhere
near Jackson.
We'll just do little scouting.
Why don't you just shut up
and start passing out them tickets, there.
I ain't got the heart.
You've got enough trouble.
Wait a minute.
You have to give us them tickets.
You have to.
I mean, didn't you see us?
We're lawbreakers.
I mean, we are totally despicable.
We have earned them tickets.
Son, you are a walking violation
of the laws of nature.
But we don't enforce them laws.
You have given me these crosses to bear.
I will carry them...
...all the way from Jerusalem to Jackson,
whichever is closer.
But hear me, Lord.
"Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death"
I will chew on Philo Beddoe's ass
for my last supper.
I lose.
Excuse me, sir, there's a call for you.
Mr. Beekman.
Hello, Beeky, it's your dime.
Zack? I got a sporting event laid out
for this Saturday.
A fire-eater named Philo Beddoe.
Against Jack Wilson.
Philo Beddoe? Never heard of him.
Melvin, can Beddoe whup Jack Wilson?
Beddoe's good, real good,
but I'd have to give Wilson the edge.
How big an edge?
If it was my money, 7-to-5,
but 6-to-5 is a fair bet.
I might be interested in 4-to-1.
Even money, Zack.
Well, I might go 3-to-1.
I've reserved your suite for you.
I'll be there.
You all saddle up. We're going on a trip.
Jim Martin and his crew are coming in
from Kansas City.
We got contingents coming in
from Seattle, LA, Frisco.
Any takers at 6-to-5?
We got about $30,000.
You know, Jim...
...we may have to go 2-to-1
to pick up the action a bit.
We'll get enough action at 8-to-5.
All right.
- I'll call up Boston and set up a lay off.
- No.
No. There's not going to be a lay off.
We could get a couple million dollars
on this fight.
Wilson's not going to lose.
If we try any funny stuff,
they'll retire us to the Jersey Flats.
No funny stuff. I'm telling you,
Wilson's going to take him.
All we've got to do...
We set up a little lay off.
We take a nice 6, 7out
We walk away with $200,000. No risk.
I'd rather walk away with $2 million.
All right, I'll go along.
But if Wilson loses,
you better have snowshoes.
Because north of the Arctic Circle
is the only place we'll be safe.
Welcome to Jackson, Mr. Wilson.
It's a great honor to serve you.
I'll take you up to your suite myself.
Here, let me take this.
There are three parties in progress,
one of which started yesterday afternoon.
If there's anything you need, anything.
The hotel does allows pets in the room.
If you understand my meaning.
I don't keep pets.
No pets, no booZe.
- I can read.
- And no parties.
That's Aunt Hortense.
The last party she was at
was Teddy Roosevelt's inauguration.
- Is she your aunt by blood or marriage?
- Blood.
I'd be careful about having any children
if I were you.
Always am.
That's the fifteenth private jet
this morning. What's going on?
Bare-knuckle fight.
California boy named Philo Beddoe's taking
on some monster from the East Coast.
- I ain't seen anything in the papers.
- Strictly illegal.
No referee, and the fight won't end
until one or the other's half dead.
Oh, my God.
- I think I'm doing something wrong.
- You're doing just fine, hon.
But we've been
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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