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Как только сможешь

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you hear?
Move over, Clyde.
Looks like both of us are getting aced.
- A friend of yours?
- Yeah.
Nice voice. Nice style.
I think so.
Why don't you get somebody who can sing
around here?
- That's not polite.
- Forget it.
The complaint department
is open now, sonny.
- You play a hell of a game of squash.
- So do you.
- I believe that makes us even.
- I believe it does.
Find out what you want to know?
Yeah, I did.
You're fast and you like pain.
You eat it like candy.
I've seen a few cases like that in my time.
The more they get hurt,
the more dangerous they become.
But you got to be durable, too.
Real durable.
Most ain't.
You're right. Most ain't.
Let's call this fight off.
There's no point to it.
I ain't doing it for points.
You're good, but you're not good enough.
I don't want to hurt you,
and that's the truth.
Sometimes we can't always do
what we want to do. Right?
Your money's no good here.
Thank you.
- Pleasure watching you work.
- Same here.
Who was that?
That was a friend of mine.
We used to play squash sometimes.
I don't want you to fight.
You, too? I thought you weren't
supposed to say anything to her.
I thought she would have more influence.
Don't do it, Philo.
- I'm doing it, and that's the end of it.
- But he kills people.
The subject ain't open for discussion.
Go ahead, get yourself killed,
you selfish lunkhead.
Better still.
Let him scramble your brains
and turn you into a turnip...
...so I can spend the next 20 years
watering you.
You, too?
All right. Clyde, go get the money.
Go ahead.
Here's the card. Call that guy and tell him
to come and get his dough.
Under my own mattress. Humiliating.
Outsmarted by a banana-head.
I spent the last five hours
on a very bumpy airplane, Mr. Beddoe.
I'm not in a good mood.
- I don't blame you.
- We have a deal, Mr. Beddoe.
We had a deal.
Clyde, get the man his money back.
One does not cancel deals
with James Beekman.
One takes one's money back,
or else Clyde gets bugged at one.
I am holding it for you, Mr. Beddoe.
I will add $15,000 to it and give it to you
when you show up for the fight.
Bear this in mind.
What Wilson will do to you is nothing...
..pared to what we will do to you
if you don't show up for the fight.
Clyde, escort the man out.
- You'll have a visit from my friends soon.
- Will they be driving Cadillacs, too?
Yes. Long and black.
Clyde, scrap the Caddie.
Oh, God!
He's craZy.
How about we go up to Bakersfield
and mess around for a couple of days?
No, thank you. I'm not Clyde.
I can't sit around eating bananas...
...while you and the broad
are playing patty cake.
- She's not a broad.
- I know that.
Damn it, I'm just talking mad.
You're allowed to talk mad to your friends,
you know, if they are.
They are, and you're allowed.
She's a real nice girl.
I know.
- A piece of luck.
- I think.
- But I don't have to like it.
- Hell, no. I wouldn't either.
You wouldn't?
Maybe I ought to get
really mad at you, then.
You better go before
he goes down the block again...
...after that lady Saint Bernard.
Jesus, I never saw a dog
turn gray overnight before.
That's enough.
Come on, you'll get blasted.
Let's go.
- You take care, now.
- All right. You, too.
Seems like Orville
is not very happy these days.
I know. I guess he thinks
you're taking up some of his space.
- But I can't give it back to him.
- I know.
Hang on.
Lock the doors.
Cholla, I'm hardening.
I'm hardening, too.
Shut up and get him! Move!
I'm froZe.
Dead meat, Beddoe.
Dead meat.
You're going to pay for this.
You're going to pay.
What are you going to do with them?
Well, we can't leave them here.
Dogs would come along and piss on them.
Ain't fair to the dogs.
You'll pay for that, too, Beddoe.
- Will you be able to get this stuff off?
- Sure. We'll just peel them like bananas.
Of course, that tar will take
most of their hair off
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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