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Как только сможешь

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to me?
I ain't talking to you, Beddoe.
I'm reading your death warrant.
I didn't know you boys could read.
Now that's real cute, real cute.
We're going to kill you slow, boy.
It will take maybe a week.
Well, I wouldn't want to rush you.
First day, you'll probably be shaking
like some blind faggot at a weenie roast.
You got him real good, Cholla,
you got him real good with that one.
Shut your hole!
Except this time,
it ain't going to be no weenie roast.
No, this time it's going to be an ape roast!
Right turn, Clyde.
Cholla, they're getting away.
Why me?
What the hell.
I guess maybe it's time.
She's in Room 25,
but you can't go up there.
No, ma'am, I know that.
- You are not allowed up there!
- I won't be long, ma'am.
Operator, get me the police.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Wait a minute.
Excuse me, ma'am,
I didn't see a thing, hardly.
- You aren't allowed up here!
- I know that, ma'am.
- Who is it?
- Philo.
You're not allowed up here.
That must be true.
You're the third person who's told me that.
Well, we've got an extra room
at the house.
I don't need any handouts.
Handouts you get from the government.
A hand up is what you get from friends.
Are you a friend?
I'm a friend.
Well, I don't have so many friends
that I can afford to lose one.
What is it?
Sorry, ma'am.
What we got here, ladies,
is a case of wishful thinking.
They all think we moon around all day,
lusting after their bodies.
Some of us do, Rita.
Where's Clyde?
- How are you gonna write this one up?
- I'm not. But you were a lot of help.
You can always say she was nuts
about your toothpaste smile.
You could bust them
for harassing an officer.
Just shut up.
It's them!
- Come on, we can catch them!
- You catch them.
- So, where are you going to sleep?
- We got a guest room out back, I told you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Clyde, you still up?
What are you doing, pal?
An Oreo cookie for me?
I'll save mine till later.
- Mind if I come in?
- No, not at all.
What was that?
Just a cookie I was saving till later.
Well, never mind.
You can have me instead.
No looking now.
We chased him away.
Fresh air's good for him.
Besides, he'll guard the door.
Is he reliable?
Anything that gets past Clyde
is 40 feet high with fangs.
- I think we're safe.
- I think.
I think I love you.
I think that's a piece of luck for me.
Jordan said he'll give us $200
if we scrap that Merc for him.
Great. Clyde, scrap the Merc.
Clyde, you got work to do.
Mind if I jog with you?
Hell, no.
We must be three miles out.
How much further before you turn back?
A couple more.
That's ten miles round trip.
- You do this every day?
- More or less.
I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.
I'm kind of new to this physical stuff.
You're doing real good.
The doc said I had to get some exercise.
All I do is sit behind a desk all day.
You sit behind it, or you carry it around?
Well, I play a little squash sometimes.
- You look like you do some lifting.
- A little.
- Mostly engine blocks.
- That'll do the job.
- Careful of that soft shoulder, there.
- It's a hell of a drop.
You got a pretty good grip for a new guy.
There's a lot of strength in fear.
- Believe I owe you.
- I believe you do.
- You can't do this fight.
- Why not?
I've been checking with some people
and I found out who Jack Wilson is.
Look, the fight will get us a new truck,
a new roof, and a few extras for Ma.
- He killed two men last year.
- One.
The other one's lying someplace with
nothing below the neck but memories.
I told them I was going to do it.
I know I don't have much influence
with you anymore...
...since you got a girlfriend.
But damn it, Philo, you can't do this!
Well, I'm going to do it.
Don't go telling Lynn about Wilson now,
you hear?
Move over, Clyde.
Looks like both of us are getting aced.
- A friend of yours?
- Yeah.
Nice voice. Nice style.
I think so.
Why don't you get somebody
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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