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Как только сможешь

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what have I done?
The first live one in 20 years,
and I disabled him.
Come on, sweetie.
That was just a little tickle
to loosen you up, you know?
Now, I'll tell you what you do.
You get yourself a good eyeful.
Come on. Just look right in.
Enjoy yourself.
And, then when you're ready
for a little romp...
...I'll be in the office.
You know, I ain't a churchgoing person...
...but, I swear,
that's gonna be a thing of a past.
Let him be all right.
I didn't hit him hard,
he should still have one good one left.
Thank you, Lord.
That's it.
Excuse me, Officer. Can you tell me
where the Pink Cloud Motel is?
Just hang a right out here.
Go down a little bit a ways. Can't miss it.
How would you and your girlfriend, there,
like to race me over?
Come on, guys.
All right, wise guy.
- Which station?
- Fourth Street. Why?
Fourth Street Station!
What is it, snookums?
Somebody's bashed into our car,
We can always get another car.
Come back to bed, sweetheart.
What's that for?
Just in case.
Take her home. Hurry on back.
You wait here.
Over this way.
That's enough.
Thanks, old buddy.
That took guts. I owe you one.
Don't even think about it.
- How long has she been like this?
- All morning. Ain't said a word.
I suppose you'll have to fight, now.
I don't think they're going to hurt her.
I think they just wanted you to fight.
I know.
- Piece of crap, though.
- Yeah.
She's getting on.
I think maybe her brains are, you know,
turning soft.
Jelly, sonny. Jelly.
"Jelly roll killed my mama
"Drove my daddy stone blind"
You're going to church next Sunday.
You, too.
Philo. It's him.
Jackson, Wyoming. Saturday, noon.
Not until I talk to her.
You are in no position to set conditions.
You heard me.
- Philo?
- You okay?
I'm fine.
Don't fight, they don't dare hurt me.
I trust you're not so foolish
as to believe that, Mr. Beddoe.
No, I'm not.
Lynn, the fight's not your concern.
I'll have you out of there on Saturday.
Philo, listen...
We have a deal, Mr. Beddoe?
You'll produce her Saturday noon,
before the fight, right?
All right, boys. Belly up to the table.
Get yourself some hair there.
Here. Paint on some eyebrows.
You look like a bunch of freaks.
- You promised me a moustache.
- Cholla. You promised I could be a blond.
I want to be a redhead.
- Give me that brown one.
- I like brown.
Cholla, why don't you tell him
to give me what I asked for?
I love it.
Nobody knows nothing.
I checked everybody I know,
even the sleazies.
They're probably holding her somewhere
near Jackson.
We'll just do little scouting.
Why don't you just shut up
and start passing out them tickets, there.
I ain't got the heart.
You've got enough trouble.
Wait a minute.
You have to give us them tickets.
You have to.
I mean, didn't you see us?
We're lawbreakers.
I mean, we are totally despicable.
We have earned them tickets.
Son, you are a walking violation
of the laws of nature.
But we don't enforce them laws.
You have given me these crosses to bear.
I will carry them...
...all the way from Jerusalem to Jackson,
whichever is closer.
But hear me, Lord.
"Though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death"
I will chew on Philo Beddoe's ass
for my last supper.
I lose.
Excuse me, sir, there's a call for you.
Mr. Beekman.
Hello, Beeky, it's your dime.
Zack? I got a sporting event laid out
for this Saturday.
A fire-eater named Philo Beddoe.
Against Jack Wilson.
Philo Beddoe? Never heard of him.
Melvin, can Beddoe whup Jack Wilson?
Beddoe's good, real good,
but I'd have to give Wilson the edge.
How big an edge?
If it was my money, 7-to-5,
but 6-to-5 is a fair bet.
I might be interested in 4-to-1.
Even money, Zack.
Well, I might go 3-to-1.
I've reserved your suite for you.
I'll be there.
You all saddle up. We're going on a trip.
Jim Martin and his crew are coming in
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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