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Как только сможешь

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15,000 to it and give it to you
when you show up for the fight.
Bear this in mind.
What Wilson will do to you is nothing...
..pared to what we will do to you
if you don't show up for the fight.
Clyde, escort the man out.
- You'll have a visit from my friends soon.
- Will they be driving Cadillacs, too?
Yes. Long and black.
Clyde, scrap the Caddie.
Oh, God!
He's crazy.
How about we go up to Bakersfield
and mess around for a couple of days?
No, thank you. I'm not Clyde.
I can't sit around eating bananas...
...while you and the broad
are playing patty cake.
- She's not a broad.
- I know that.
Damn it, I'm just talking mad.
You're allowed to talk mad to your friends,
you know, if they are.
They are, and you're allowed.
She's a real nice girl.
I know.
- A piece of luck.
- I think.
- But I don't have to like it.
- Hell, no. I wouldn't either.
You wouldn't?
Maybe I ought to get
really mad at you, then.
You better go before
he goes down the block again...
...after that lady Saint Bernard.
Jesus, I never saw a dog
turn gray overnight before.
That's enough.
Come on, you'll get blasted.
Let's go.
- You take care, now.
- All right. You, too.
Seems like Orville
is not very happy these days.
I know. I guess he thinks
you're taking up some of his space.
- But I can't give it back to him.
- I know.
Hang on.
Lock the doors.
Cholla, I'm hardening.
I'm hardening, too.
Shut up and get him! Move!
I'm froze.
Dead meat, Beddoe.
Dead meat.
You're going to pay for this.
You're going to pay.
What are you going to do with them?
Well, we can't leave them here.
Dogs would come along and piss on them.
Ain't fair to the dogs.
You'll pay for that, too, Beddoe.
- Will you be able to get this stuff off?
- Sure. We'll just peel them like bananas.
Of course, that tar will take
most of their hair off with it.
- Painful?
- Moderately.
- Too bad.
- Both of you will pay for this, Beddoe.
I already am paying for it.
It's $20 for this tow boom
and another $20 I'm adding on...
...for cleaning up my truck.
That's $40 you owe me.
We should be back in 15, 20 minutes,
I hope.
- Good luck.
- Come on, Clyde. Scrap the gate.
Despite your irresistible charm, old buddy,
she may have some reservations.
You just feed her this banana
and that will put her out.
Not more than about 40 minutes.
If that doesn't work,
pop her in the ass and squeeze the bulb.
Got that?
Clyde, sometimes I think
you're not too tightly wrapped.
What happened?
I have the only primate in the country
that's a dope addict.
- Be right back.
- Be careful.
Well, it's his own damn fault
if I get the wrong one.
- Who the hell are you?
- We're looking for Philo Beddoe.
He ain't here. Get out of my house.
Who the hell are you?
That ain't him. Where is he?
- Why don't you go...
- Ma.
Where is he?
- Bakersfield.
- Where in Bakersfield?
I don't know.
He's going to find a motel
when he gets there.
Son of a bitch!
- Looks like you got the right one.
- Yeah.
Do you think he knows what to do?
Well, there've been primates around
for 80 million years.
I don't think they'd set that kind of record
without doing something.
I guess not.
What is that?
It's just Clyde showing off.
It's part of the courtship.
My God. That's obscene.
Sure sounds obscene.
- Don't I get a courtship?
- What do you want me to do?
I don't know. Show off a little.
What do you say, big boy?
How's that?
I'm impressed.
Will it hold both of us?
We're leaving this place immediately.
Get up!
Luther, stop that!
My back!
- I've thrown out my back.
- Stretch your arms. Don't tense.
Damn fool. I should've known better.
It was very brave, Luther.
That was a heavy chair.
You looked very impressive.
So did you.
It's been a long time.
How many?
About a hundred.
Let's go.
Get away from there.
It ain't right to watch folks
go humpity-bumpity.
Hey, baby.
My God,
Как только сможешь Как только сможешь

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