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I'm tired of all the blabbing,
when words stop meaning anything...
Look, you'll just call me and we'll meet.
- What was that?
I can't speak louder. You'll call me...
All right, all right. Go to bed,
I woke you up.
- Good night, Zhenya.
- Good night.
- Well, go.
- I am going.
- Let's hang up together.
- Let's.
All right, me first.
Many prominent Soviet scientists
took part.
The readings coincided with
another anniversary -
30 years ago the Tsiolkovsky Museum
first opened its doors.
It has since welcomed 350,000 visitors.
The Fine Arts Library has started
the publication of a series
dedicated to the history of world art.
It is entitled The Civilisation of Art.
The books will be written by prominent experts
and richly illustrated.
The publication will take several years.
2-3 volumes will be released each year.
The first two have just come off the press.
And now for today's weather.
Murmansk and Archangel
will see some showers.
I sometimes think,
how alike you are.
It was so typical of your father
to switch on the radio and to plug his ears.
Let it play.
I'll say that you are studying?
To call later?
It's not for me.
If Zina calls, say that
I'll be at home all evening.
All right.
Why not go somewhere together?
I don't know. Perhaps we'll stay in.
Monday I work till late.
Tuesday Julie and I go swimming,
Wednesday we have a meeting.
Thursday we go to the theatre,
you and me.
That's the whole week.
I remember the Arts Theatre before the war.
Tarasova... Yelanskaya...
Khmelev as Tuzenbach.
- What about your vacation?
- Don't know yet.
Is he not in town?
He is away working on a project.
There's a new discussion.
Have you read?
- Sorry?
- A discussion.
Who can be considered a cultured person.
And the verdict?
Funny people.
As if it can be established like that, eh?
Engineer Baranov
maintains that a cultured person...
May I tell you something?
I love you very much, you know.
Thank you.
I'll take it.
Long distance for you.
Sverdlovsk calling,
go ahead, Moscow.
Moscow, go ahead.
I'm listening.
- Lena, hi.
- Hello, Zhenya.
- Where are you calling from?
- Sverdlovsk!
I haven't called because I had
to go away on short notice.
How are you?
Thank you, everything's fine.
Good connection, isn't it?
Yes, I can hear you perfectly.
We'll be here another 3 days,
back Thursday,
there's a plane that arrives at 11:10,
and another at 6:30 pm.
- I'll call you right away.
- All right, Zhenya.
I am a little embarrassed
of that call at night... too much candour...
No, Zhenya.
I am very grateful.
It's a good thing you woke me
and said what you said.
I'm listening. Lena!
I'm here.
I said, thank you.
Just don't apologise,
or you'll spoil everything.
All right, I won't.
I am also grateful to you.
Sometimes you go through a phase
when you really need
a living soul to talk to.
Must happen to everyone.
Some day I'll explain everything.
- Bye, Zhenya.
- Bye, Lena.
- Is everything all right?
- Everything is fine.
- Bye, Lena.
- Bye.
Moscow, you finished?
- Yes.
- Please hang up.
An acquaintance, from Sverdlovsk.
When they said long distance, I thought...
It's not Volodya, he cannot call.
Is he so far?
- Hello.
- Hello. Going that way?
- Yes.
- I'll walk with you.
All right.
What's new?
- Nothing much, what about you?
- Well...
- I called you at work.
- I'm in the workshop all the time.
I see.
How's Alik? And the
400 other acquaintances?
I haven't seen anyone in a while. Too busy.
Look, let's go somewhere.
Away from everyone.
I think we both need it desperately.
I cannot now, Volodya.
I have just broken free.
The report's being published,
you can congratulate me.
- I know.
- How come?
Rumour travels.
There's of course Shapovalov's name
in block letters on the cover.
- But I'll get over it.
- I know, I saw Lyova the other day.
Lyova is playing at being principled.


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