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right, Zhenya. Thank you for calling me.
Keep in touch. Bye.
What can I tell you?
I am a reserved and withdrawn person,
that's scientifically established.
When asked 'How are you', I always
reply 'Thank you, everything's fine'.
Everything is normal, Zhenya.
People don't keep diaries now
for some reason.
I'd have written,
'Nothing special today.'
Hello, Zhenya?
You are keeping quiet.
All right, let's keep quiet.
Nobody's evicting you from the call-box yet?
A cop is safe to keep around.
Give him my regards.
Yesterday I thought: this, precisely, is life.
There'll be nothing else.
And that's not so bad, really. Is it?
Do you like your job?
Me too.
Are your parents living?
As long as there isn't
another war, right?
Look, have you read about
that small planet?
The one that's approaching Earth
on a collision course?
There were all kinds of projections,
but it all turned out pure nonsense.
It's no longer going to collide with us.
So we can live at ease.
Well, bye, Zhenya.
Yes, of course.
Who can be sure?
I hate it.
That's also bad.
My father never complained
and never envied anyone.
Which is the same thing.
He said there was nothing
more humiliating than envy,
and that some day people will get rid of it.
What about love?
No worries. I think the main thing
is to have a profession.
All right, Zhenya, let's talk
about this another time.
At this moment I'm standing in the corridor,
locked out of my room.
I lost the key. Never mind,
I'll call Mom at work.
No, Zhenya, I was ill.
Nothing serious.
Back to work tomorrow.
Are you there?
What's that music?
I thought it was playing at your end.
Yes, something very familiar.
Look, Zhenya. Maybe you don't exist?
Like you're not there at all.
Nothing but a voice.
Meaning what?
Yes, yes.
This way, a little bit to the right.
Perfect place for a camp.
This way, everyone.
- Well?
- Perfect.
- A Levitan painting.
- Amazing. - Breathtaking.
- What a lark!
- One goal play.
- Who wants to gather mushrooms?
- Everyone!
- There are no mushrooms in the forest.
- You haven't seen Lucie?
- Alik, it's you.
What about the shashlyk?
Prof. Shapovalov will take care of that.
Apparently it's his speciality.
You haven't seen Lucie?
- She was just here.
- Funny girl, isn't she?
- Is she also a champion of something?
- Not this time.
Your taste has changed.
Where is your guitar?
I hope you have stayed loyal to that.
It's in the car. But it's not mine.
Neither is the car, in fact.
- What do you call your own, Alik?
Why do you pick on me, Lena?
Maybe it's a mask for your fond feelings?
Now then. I knew it.
There's only on thing to be done. A duel.
Duels are out of fashion.
What is the current thing?
Vladik must know.
The current thing is to play dirty
behind somebody's back.
Then the adversaries meet again.
'How you doing, old man?'
- 'All right. What about you?'
'Me too.'
- 'Well, good job.'
'Cheers.' The era of
peaceful co-existence.
That's the way it goes.
- It's nice here.
- What?
- It's quiet.
Imagine the Three Musketeers with
high blood pressure.
When conflicts were settled with a sword,
the nervous tension found immediate
relief through muscular energy,
and heart desease was rare.
- So what's the inference?
The medics recommend, if you
tend to be nervous...
If you tend to be nervous, don't be!
No, they recommend exercising.
A miracle of sophistication,
coffee in the great outdoors.
Very useful gadget, old man.
- What's the matter with your finger?
- Some thorn.
- I hope it's not fatal.
- Let me see.
When I was in South America,
I was told about thorns
containing curare.
Nonsense, curare is secreted
by a species of frogs.
- What frogs?
- Correct.
Good thing we are not
in South America.
Incidentally, the most poisonous
creature of all
is a fish the Japanese call 'fugu'.
- How are we getting on?
- Swimmingly.
I believe we'll have the pleasure
of hearing your

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