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must talk.
- How can you talk to him?
So naive, all of you.
Have you got Arithmetics for Third Form?
It's you age, Lyova.
Why should we be afraid of a scandal?
Times change and plans change.
Remember Kolganov? Same story.
Then we should finish quickly
and move on.
This is rather serious.
I agree with you completely,
but there's tactics to consider.
Give me a break.
This is only the beginning.
He'll crush you,
but he'll do it in kid gloves.
- Matches please.
You have to know Shapovalov.
Precisely. He's fickle like a dragonfly.
Do not walk on tram cables.
It can endanger your life.
Greetings! Volodya!
Greetings! How's life?
- Thank you, getting along.
- Greetings!
- It's been a while.
- You know how it is.
- You see anybody from the old set?
- Now and then.
And Gleb has vanished
completely, the bastard.
Yes, yes, thanks.
I admire his cool. He acts like he knows
something but won't say. Right?
Volodya is very level-headed.
But still, he needs help. Mind you...
I believe in friendship. There.
I think he needs a good friend.
And you are just the right person.
- Thank you.
You haven't imagined
that we have an affair?
Thank God, I hate jealous cows.
These days, it's as outmoded
as princely ancestry.
Is it all right that I babble?
- Feel free.
You see, he has to get his degree this year.
His thesis, you see? And now this report.
They could have gotten by
with any slapdash job.
But these guys, they'd rather
break their necks.
And a good job, too.
- It was a scandal.
Nonsense! Who needs those daredevils
who tiptoe in fear of stumbling.
They make very much noise. Very much.
Can you really get into trouble?
Sure. But these days,
it's embarrissing not to.
Those who are not in trouble
invent it.
No, seriously - what will happen?
Oh, well, nothing to die from.
Although some people have.
No, I mean, truth will always triumph.
But sometimes it only happens
in the fourth act.
But one has to get through
the second and third.
And I tell you there can be
no compromise with that man.
Look, old man. Begging pardon.
Do you think I should make the move?
- What move?
- The one I told you about.
What bothers me is,
those bastards might not let me go.
- Could be.
- There, you see.
- What if I go and make a stand?
- That's the way.
- On the other hand, you never know...
- Very true.
- So what do you suggest?
- That's exactly the right thing.
- You think?
- Positive.
- Have I upset you?
- No, never mind.
- How old are you? 24?
- 27.
At 27 I had just graduated,
after the Army service.
It was 1949.
And at 28 Shapovalov took me on.
- I wrote his thesis.
- You?
And you know, I envy you.
Volodya especially. Right?
Here. Here's the guy I envy.
- So, what's your position?
- My position?
Personally, I'd like
to grab a bite of something.
- I'm serious.
- Me too.
We'll stand fast. As they did on the
barricades. Am I right?
- Absolutely.
- You agree?
- Certainly.
- Now my mind is at peace.
Give me a break.
You are like children.
Any coffee in the house? Please.
- Let's go.
- What?
- Let's go.
- Great idea.
Let's sneak out, you first, I'll follow.
Look, what if they say that
they'll give me good terms?
- Well?
How should I respond do you think?
Look, pal. Why don't you buzz off?
Yeah, that's right. Cheers.
That's the way it is, darling.
So what's to be done?
Nice pad. How much do you pay?
- I water the plants.
- Meaning?
- Oh! And the owners?
- Landlady's in Afghanistan.
- She's a ballet teacher.
- She teaches the Afghans to dance?
Something like that. Don't envy me,
it's only until the New Year.
We had some sausage.
I ended up hungry.
I threw it away.
So, gentlemen...
I have noticed that people are made
from  different materials.
Isn't that right, my sweet?
- That's right.
There. There's ordinary clay, for instance.
And then there's fire clay.
There's reinforced concrete. Much in use.
One comes across

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