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Иваново детство

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ll answer for it!
Just tell No. 51 at HQ
that Bondarev's here, and that's it!
They'll know what to do.
Very well.
Give me No. 3.
No. 3? Comrade Captain,
No. 8 here.
I have Bondarev here.
- Who?
He demands
that I notify Volga.
Major Bondarev from Operations?
The inspector?
This is no major.
It's a kid of about 12.
Who are you putting on here?
You been drinking?
I just thought -- He says he's
from the other side of the river.
"He says"? I suppose
he came over on a flying carpet!
Tell him if he doesn't notify No. 51,
he'll be held responsible.
Well, you asked me to report
and I did.
He told me to lock you up.
Satisfied now?
I said to tell No. 51.
Who did you call?
I can't just call Army HQ.
- Then let me.
- Don't you dare.
Who are you gonna call?
Who do you know at Army HQ?
Captain Kholin ...
and Lieutenant Colonel
Tell Lieutenant Colonel Gryaznov
I'm here at once.
Or I'll call myself.
Get me No. 51 at Volga.
No. 51?
Senior Lieutenant Galtsev reporting.
Bondarev is here.
He insists --
Bondarev? Alone?
Listen carefully, Galtsev.
No questions
and no discussion.
Kholin's coming
for him immediately.
In the meantime, make him comfortable
and be gentle with him.
The kid has a hot temper.
First of all,
give him paper and pencil.
Send whatever he writes
to me at once.
Got that?
- Yes, sir.
Are you going to eat?
I won't look.
Get me No. 13.
Vasilyev, bring in
two pails of hot water.
That's right.
I'm going to wash up.
Enough of your talk.
Big hero!
If you'd had a toothache
like the one I had --
Some tour of duty!
Enough talk now.
I'm going down to the river
to see what's going on. You stay here.
Hurry up.
Wash up.
I 'll be back soon.
It's deep.
Of course it is.
In a very deep well,
you can see a star
even on the brightest day.
What star?
Any star.
- Mama, I see it!
- Yes, there it is.
Why's it there?
It's nighttime now for the star,
so it came out
just like it was night.
But is it nighttime now?
It's daytime.
It's daytime for you and me,
but it's nighttime for the star.
You needn't get so worked up
over the smallest thing.
Stop this stupid talk.
Well, I'm going
down to the river
to see what's going on.
You stay here.
All right, but --
Aren't they here yet?
No. Go to sleep.
I 'll wake you up when they're here.
Were you here
while I was sleeping?
Yes. Why?
Did I talk in my sleep?
No. Why?
Never mind.
I never used to talk
in my sleep. Now I don't know.
My nerves are on edge.
How can this be?
Katasonych is waiting for you
at the hollow tree!
The Germans are there.
I got a cramp halfway across.
I thought I was done for.
- You swam across?
- Don't be mad.
They're patrolling the bank. Think
it's easy finding our dinghy in the dark?
They catch you
and you're finished.
You're nothing
but skin and bones.
Bring the car closer.
Tell the sentry
not to let anyone in.
Here, get dressed.
Keep coming.
That's good.
Where'd you disappear to?
Where are you going?
- For kerosene.
What for?
We're leaving.
Here's to meeting again.
Katasonych is waiting for me
at the hollow tree.
Here's to his safe return.
No. 20 here.
No. 51 here.
Listen, Malyshev, about that
disagreement -- they were right.
We should head for Fyodorovka.
- But we decided --
Yes, I've heard
all this before.
May I, Lieutenant Colonel?
What? Hello?
I've heard it all before.
I have reliable
firsthand information.
Waited all night for nothing,
eh, Katasonych?
Sit down.
Ivan's here.
He couldn't make it
to the hollow tree on the bank.
Says there were
German patrols everywhere.
How did he get here?
He swam across.
But that's --
A grown man might drown.
Иваново детство Иваново детство

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