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Иваново детство

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't even stop by.
I told you he couldn't.
You know how he loves you.
Don't you?
I know.
But still, he could have...
Here. Get dressed.
- Need any help?
- No.
Let's jump.
To see if anything rattles.
Dump your matches.
Are you crazy?
Crews, take your positions.
Go chat with the sentry
so he won't notice us... Got it?
And no comments!
Got a light?
Who's that?
It was all so stupid...
They brought the boat here
and had a smoke...
The captain was here.
He was over there...
He started climbing out of the trench.
And then he slid back down.
We didn't even hear a shot.
The captain shook him up:
"Katasonych! Katasonych!"
But he was dead.
The captain said to leave him here...
till morning.
Don't discuss it.
Get the oars.
Who's that?
Who's that, Kholin?
That's our men.
Lyakhov and Moroz.
They went across after you.
There's still time.
Wait here. I'll be right back.
- Come over here. It's dryer here.
- Makes no difference now.
- Are you nervous?
- A bit.
I've become jittery lately.
Can't get used to begging.
They should be buried.
- Who?
- Lyakhov and Moroz.
Sure, we'll do it.
Quiet! Everything's tiptop.
Let's go.
This is the place, guys.
- How do you feel?
- Fine.
- Well, I'll be going.
- I'll go a part of the way with you.
No, you're too big. They'll catch on.
Let me go.
The gully's clayey. You'll leave
footprints. I'll carry you over.
I said I'm going alone.
- See you soon.
- See you.
I'll see you.
Be careful.
If the offensive starts,
meet us in Fyodorovka. Got it?
- See you soon.
- Goodbye, Vanya.
What's up?
I want a smoke.
- Want your mommy, too?
- Cut it out.
I, for one, really do want my ma.
Won't it be good, eh?
- They'll notice the boat!
- What if they spot Ivan?
Are you a louse, or plain stupid?
Just stupid.
See a doctor about your nerves
when the war's over.
Damn! It's a clayey gully!
What we need now is a good rain
to wash away all footprints.
I think he made it.
Wait here for me.
I'll go for the boat.
When I come back,
call out to me in German.
- Try it.
- Halt!
If I'm caught, swim back.
You said you could swim this river
and back five times.
What if you're wounded?
Don't worry about me.
Damn you! Come here!
Hurry up!
Is that them?
Them yesterday, us today.
Climb in.
- Are things quiet on the bank?
- Yes.
See? Nothing to fear.
Where are you going?
Why aren't we going back?
It's the first snow of the year.
What if he hasn't passed yet?
He might still be hiding, waiting.
Jump in the water!
Let's drink to...
May I come in,
Comrade Senior Lieutenant?
Who were you talking to
on the road the other day?
- Your friend?
- Yes, my friend.
The one... that wore glasses?
He wasn't wearing glasses.
But he was!
He is strange.
No, he isn't.
- What is it, Lieutenant?
- I've come to say goodbye.
I'm transferring her to a hospital.
That's a good idea.
How quiet it is, Galtsev.
Isn't it, Masha?
It's so quiet.
The war...
I can take you there.
- Is it far from here?
- No, it's not far.
Come closer.
Can you identify these bodies?
He says he can.
It's Goebbels,
his wife and daughters.
He poisoned his family
with potassium cyanide
and ordered his body to be soaked
with petrol...
and burned.
He can show you the place.
At night he murdered his wife,
children, and himself...
I see. Let's go.
Won't this be the last war on earth?
You're too nervous, Galtsev.
See a doctor about your nerves.
But, Kholin, wait...
You were killed.
And I'm alive.
I must not forget it.
The End
Иваново детство

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