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Иваново детство

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from the other side.
Did he get here on the magic carpet?
He's just snowjobbing you.
Tell him
that if he doesn't notify number 51,
he'll be held responsible.
See? I reported about you
as you have asked me to.
I was told to lock you up.
I asked you to tell number 51 at HQ.
And who'd you ring up?
You expect me to personally
contact Army HQ?
- Let me do it, then.
- Don't you dare!
Who are you going to ring up?
Who d'you know at Army HQ?
Captain Kholin
and Colonel Gryaznov.
Tell Colonel Gryaznov I'm here. Now.
Or I'll do it myself.
get me number 51 at "Volga".
Comrade Colonel,
Senior Lieutenant Galtsev reporting.
I got Bondarev here. He demands...
Bondarev? Is he alone?
Listen carefully, Galtsev.
No questions. No talking.
You got me?
Kholin's already on his way to pick
him up. Meanwhile, be nice to him.
See that he's comfortable.
Mind you, he has a hot temper.
And give him a pencil and paper.
Anything he writes send to me
- You got me?
- Yes, sir!
Are you hungry?
I'll eat later.
I won't look.
Get me number 13.
Vassiliev, bring in two pails
of hot water.
What? Yes, I'm going to have
a bath.
Go on, wash up. I'll be back soon.
It's deep!
Of course it is.
If a well is deep,
you can see a star in it
even in the daytime.
Which star?
Any star.
- I see it, mom!
- Yes, there it is.
Why is it shining?
Because it's nighttime for the star.
That's why it's shining.
Is it really nighttime now?
No, it's daytime.
It's daytime for you and me,
but it's nighttime for the star.
Haven't they come yet?
No. Go back to sleep.
I'll wake you up when they come.
Were you here while I was asleep?
Yes. Why?
Did I talk in my sleep?
No. Why?
Never mind.
I never used to talk in my sleep.
Now I don't know.
I've become jittery.
Katasonych is waiting for you
at the hollow tree, and you're here.
The nazis are there.
So I swam.
I had cramps, and nearly drowned.
- You mean you swam across?
- Yes. Don't get angry.
They're patrolling the bank.
I couldn't find our boat in the dark.
They could catch me.
You got so skinny.
Just a bag of bones.
Go and bring the car up close.
Tell the sentry not to let anyone in.
Here, put this on.
Go on.
Where have you been?
- Where are you going?
- For kerosene.
What for? We're leaving.
Here's to our meeting!
Kholin, Katasonych is still waiting
for me at the hollow tree.
To his safe return!
Number 2 here.
This is number 51. Malyshev,
remember, you had an argument?
They were right. We should take
the Fyodorovka direction.
But we've already decided...
Save your breath, I've heard it all.
- May I come in, Colonel?
- Yes, come in.
- What?
- I said I've heard it.
I have absolutely reliable,
first-hand information.
Waited all night for nothing, eh,
Sit down.
Ivan's here.
He couldn't get to the bank
at the hollow tree.
He says there are German patrols
- How did he get here?
- He swam across.
A grown man might've drowned.
Well, that's it.
Enough of a good thing.
Wait, Ivan!
Comrade Colonel, why?
He said I'll be sent to the rear.
To a military school, by your order.
Is that true?
Why did you do it? You deceived me.
An offensive is being planned.
I can still be useful.
You yourself said that reconnaissance
is most important!
That scouts are the soul of the front.
You were trying to trick me!
I'm not going! And if you force me to,
I'll run away.
I'll join the partisans.
Ivan, you're going to a military
school. You got me?
And stop arguing.
I won't discuss it.
But I will!
Kholin, tell him I'll do a good job,
I'll be useful.
I just can't...
You tell him, Katasonych,
I can't go to the rear!
The matter is closed!
All right... Military school,
or a children's home,
it's all the same to me.
Be quiet...
The stove and chimney
will stand forever.
Where is it?
I put it here.
Are you going far?
Иваново детство Иваново детство

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