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of waiting!
It's certainly time to start
the attack!
Tunnels and powder: The Tsar's
own invention!
You don't think my gunpowder
will work?
That's all you understand
Shout, 'Surrender Kazan'
Ooooh! Kazan!
It is better that you die
by our hands
than by those of
the uncircumcised
Such bestiality is madness...
It's stupid, revolting!
Even an untrained beast
has got more restraint
He has dared to raise his hand
against the Tsar!
I wanted to protect you
from the arrows
If that was your reason...
thank you
The Baltic ambassador was right
Compared to him...
I'll never be more than a cur!
Some arrows arrive at
just the right moment!
Even deadlier than arrows...
is the boyars' hatred
Beware of boyars
more than arrows
Your name?
Alexei Basmanov, son of Daniel
I shall not forget the name
of one who hates the boyars
Look, Fyodor, look my son!
The Tsar of all the Russians
The Tsar!
To Kazan!
Support Kurbsky!
Now I am truly Tsar
The whole world will acknowledge
the Tsar of Moscow
as the true ruler of all
the Russians
How is the Tsar of Moscow's
The Tsar is very ill
The Tsar fell ill while still
on the journey back from Kazan
So now even you acknowledge him
as Tsar!
God is just
This Muscovite prince wanted
to set himself
above all other princes!
And now it's all over!
Well, Prince,
always second best?
You loved Anastasia.
Ivan took her from you
You fought the battle of Kazan
Yet it is Ivan who is the hero
and who has all the glory,
whilst you...
Ah! Prince, your conquest
of Kazan has only added
to your misfortune as well as
to that of the boyars
As for your head, that won't
stay on your shoulders
The Tsar won't forget the arrow
at Kazan
And if he should forget
there will always be someone
to remind him
The eye of the Tsar
As long as Ivan lives,
Kurbsky will only stagnate
God is good!
They are bringing the Tsar
the Holy Sacraments
It is their custom,
just before death
Lord, have mercy on my soul
Lord have mercy!
Lord have mercy!
Lord have mercy!
To whom will you swear
an oath of allegiance?
To Dmitri, the heir apparent
To Ivan's son
And Anastasia!
It's the widow's still-warm bed
which fills your thoughts
you want to make her
your mistress
Swear allegiance to Vladimir
Money doesn't buy men like you
They have to be offered
a kingdom
With Vladimir on the throne
it is you who will act as regent
He is worse than a child
He is moronic
You will be absolute master!
Swear allegiance to Vladimir
The Tsar is calling
The end is near
I bid the world farewell
Swear allegiance to
my legitimate heir... Dmitri
Swear loyalty to my son
Swear allegiance to my son!
Only an undivided, legitimate
throne will save Moscow
from her enemies and
internecine conflict
without which the Tartars will
again violate our frontiers
the Poles and the Livonians
I don't entreat you for me
or my son
but for the unity
of the Motherland!
Kolychev the Wise!
Daniel Bogdany!
You - give an example
Kolychev the Unconquerable,
why don't you speak?
You will be cursed forever
Traitors to the Russian Earth
All of you will be cursed...
cursed for all eternity!
Only Dmitri... his son...
can save Russia
Once you have rejected
undivided authority
no matter how strong, courageous,
intelligent you may be
your government will be
Your feuds and hatreds will
deliver you up to the foreigner
The boyars will never submit
to the offspring
of the Prince of Moscow
Power must pass to a Tsar who
will share it with the boyars
and who will serve not
some unknown Russian State
but the noble boyars
Swear allegiance to
the Tsar Vladimir!
Long live the Tsar
of the boyars!
Which road shall I travel?
The one which leads
to the throne
or the one which leads
to marriage?
Who should I choose?
Anastasia? Efrosinia?
Anastasia, if

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