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won't tolerate it!
Europe will not recognize it!
If he is powerful,
everyone will bow down to him.
He must not be allowed to become powerful!
The marriage is fixed for St. Simon's Day.
We'll arrange a fine wedding for this dictator.
Why such privileges for Ivan?
Why is Prince Kurbsky his vassal?
Is not the Kurbsky's nobility
equal to that of Ivan the Muscovite?
Why is Ivan of Moscow master of Russia?
And not Prince Andrei Kurbsky of Yaroslav?
The oak trees, the oaks!
On their boughs, the turtle doves
Sit nestling there!
Lullay, lullay, lullay
Kiss each other! Kiss!
Why are the bells of Moscow ringing so loudly?
The citizens have gone wild with joy!
Lullay, lullay, lullay
They are cooing to each other
Kiss each other!
Kiss each other!
Kiss each other!
Kiss! Kiss!
Lullay, lullay, lullay
Kiss each other!
Why are my best friends so sad today?
Tsar, the people have a saying
that marriage is the end of friendship.
And what does Fyodor Kolychev say?
Tsar, you break with tradition.
I foresee trouble.
I don't dare go against my Tsar,
but I can't follow in his footsteps.
Let me take holy orders.
You prefer the heavenly
to the earthly king?
Very well, I shall not stand
between you and Him.
Go... and pray for us sinners.
I only ask one thing of you:
Do not abandon us if misfortune strikes.
If I need you, answer my call!
The people are rising.
They are shouting
against the Glinskys and the Zakharins,
burning and pillaging and marching
on the palace,
demanding to see the Tsar!
To the Tsar!
Moscow is in flames!
Let the people enter.
The Tsar!
The Tsar is bewitched!
By the Tsarina's family.
The Glinskys, the Zakharins,
have bewitched him!
Bewitched him!
Justice against the Tsarina's family!
Justice against the Glinskys and Zakharins!
They tear the hearts
from the breasts of the people!
They sprinkle our houses with human blood!
The blood bursts into flame
and burns the houses.
The houses burn!
Moscow is horribly bewitched!
The bells are crashing down from the steeples!
Witchcraft, you say?
Bells falling without reason?
A head which believes in witchcraft
is itself like a bell...
And can a head fall off all by itself?
In order to fall, it has to be cut.
It is just the same with bells.
Those who, without the Tsar's orders,
cut the ropes
which support the bells,
will have their own heads cut off,
this time on the Tsar's orders.
The Tsar is pretty sharp.
There's no pulling the wool over his eyes.
We shall cut off heads ruthlessly
to weed out the treason of the boyars
to the very roots.
A Tsar can only rule
if he holds the reins.
A State without reins is as uncontrollable
as a horse without a bridle.
But he who ranges himself
at the side of the Tsar
will be rewarded,
he will rejoice in the Tsar's bounty
and the admiration of our soldiers.
Do not dare, Prince, even to dream.
I am dedicated to a high cause.
A loyal slave of the Tsar of Moscow.
Our lands are vast and rich...
but disorder is everywhere.
But we ourselves will set our house in order
without appealing to outside help.
We ourselves! Ourselves!
We will crush treachery!
We will crush it!
And we will help the workers,
the shopkeepers, the craftsmen!
We will help them!
Three Tartar envoys from Kazan
insist on seeing the Tsar.
From Kazan?
Tell them to come in at once.
Kazan break off her friendship with Moscow.
Kazan terminate her alliance.
We declare war on Moscow.
Kazan... great.
Moscow... small.
Moscow hasn't a chance.
Our great Khan send this present.
Russian Tsar want no shame.
Russian Tsar end his own life.
God is my witness
that we did not want war.
But the time has passed
when insolent foreigners
can invade Muscovite territory with impunity.
And this dagger will strike down
whoever raises his hand against Moscow.
We will finish with Kazan
once and for all.
It is we who will go to Kazan.
To Kazan!


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