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here, on earth,
among us.
The girl we saw - remember her?
I tell you, she is Navna.
The soul of Russia.
Dear God, please spare
me the azzurill!
Not 3 x 12 gross-Y!
Spare me from GIST!
Don't let me be smoked
at 2 x GX MS!
Let it be direct Bulirubin,
but not acid markers!
Please no more chemo
differentiation of my biological
Let it be citookins!
Give me back 10 X 5 KOE!
10 X 6 KOE!
Modulines! Virulence!
God! Give me the strength
to stop loving Dr. Strauss!
You're a lawyer,
it's your job,
so spare me!
Okay, I can explain again.
She's not in a mental hospital,
it's some clinic
headed by this doctor.
What's his name?
Mouse? No, Strauss.
Yes, I want to take her away from
there and I don't care how you do
She doesn't remember anything!
She doesn't remember me,
or how we broke up. Nothing!
This is my one and
only chance in life!
Her name is Anna.
Anna Lebedeva.
Everything is ready.
You can start.
Love is still alive
in my poor heart...
You'll never love me.
You'll never change.
You only drink my love,
and now it's drained.
It went, like
water through sand.
And I don't care.
Look: it's the world.
God is on top.
His creatures are below.
His laws, his pleasures,
his love, his wrath.
I don't play these games.
No, I don't want anything
from Him.
But I'm from Him!
Want to return me into the herd?
Into the love of the herd?
I want for you what
I want for myself.
And I'm giving you what
I want to give you.
But it's a dead end
I'm a dead end. The whole
world is a dead end.
I don't understand.
I am giving you a dead end.
- But you can't.
- Who'll stop me?
His name is Ivan.
Oh yes. Ivan.
It's hard for me to tell
you about this, sonny,
but this man
is not your father.
I knew it!
No, this is different.
Once, I woke up at night
because a star appeared
in our window.
A green star.
It came closer and
beamed a thin green ray.
Right into my bedroom.
It was Him!
The green man.
He materialized from the ray.
Your father is
an extraterrestrial!
His name is Yezufe Ze!
Your father and me.
Remember me?
Why have you come?
To visit a sick friend.
How do I get out of here?
There's no escape from here.
Take these pills, or else
you'll become a total idiot.
Ivan, do you remember us singing?
Everything has changed now...
Lord, let me see Her!
Give me a sign!
There beyond the sky.
There beyond the world.
We'll be welcomed
by the One Who is Near.
The One Who is Higher
will be with us.
And Those Who are Better
will be there too.
They will forgive us.
They won't punish us
and they'll give us absolution.
They know we are innocent.
We only wanted to live
in paradise where all are
God give us happiness!
We know where She is!
We've found her!
Are you worried?
I don't want to see you anymore.
You don't have to.
You've seen enough.
A new form of existence awaits
you. A lifeless existence.
I don't want it!
You want... You don't want...
You don't get any more wishes.
Ivan! Ivan!
His brain is turning yellow.
Come to me!
Stop - and the Lord will
forgive you!
Thank you, but that's
not necessary!
There's no death.
And there's no life either!
A man... A woman...
What's the difference?
Oh I'd like to get at least
a look at Her!
We can't behold Her just like that!
Have patience, brother Onufriy!
That's not a TV you're carrying.
Eternity is before us
My God! The soul of Russia in
a sack. Is it really possible!
Everything is possible
with the Lord's grace!
- Is that you?
- Anna?
What do you want?
Did you come to my place
with Ivan today?
You came to my place?
You had lost your memory.
You left and
ended up in the hospital.
You're totally insane.
Leave, please.
I'm asking you, did you come to
my place today, or not?
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