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Иллюзия убийства 2

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you didn't go with some big
corporate law firm on Madison Avenue,
make yourself some serious money?
I like trench warfare. Madison Avenue's
advertising, Leo. What can I do for ya?
I wanna talk to your witness, Neely.
Call Legal Aid. Neely's not my client.
No...! C'mon, Liz,
this is Leo you're talking to.
Neely's making you famous. You got
two major convictions with his testimony.
- So?
- You probably eat lunch with the creep!
- You never used stoolies?
- Sure I did.
I didn't actually write out their dialogue
for them to recite in court
- in exchange for sentence reduction.
- I don't do that.
Everything he testified to is in line
with what we found in our investigation.
- Who was in charge of that investigation?
- Lieutenant out of the 2-7: Ray Silak.
- You know him?
- Yeah, I know him a little.
Yeah! Silak's been all over the papers
lately with this cop-killing.
- This Mike Brandon thing.
- Yeah. Nothing to do with this office.
You trust Silak?
What are you saying? Silak's dirty?
If he is, you don't want it
rubbing off on you. Do you, senator?
I am not involved in politics
in any way, Leo.
No, I know. You told me.
What have you got on Ray Silak?
Who are you working for, Leo?
I don't have to tell you
who I'm working for.
As far as Silak is concerned,
all I have right now are suspicions.
You could be in big trouble here.
Maybe I can help ya.
But you gotta help me first.
C'mon! Fix it so I can talk to
this motormouth Neely.
Get me Chambliss in Parole.
That's Neely's parole officer.
The nuns would be proud of you!
- I appreciate your time.
- It's a pleasure.
What do you know about this asshole?
Neely started off small-time,
fencing shit in college.
He got popped a coupla times,
rolled over, earned his stoolie jacket.
That turned out to be his true vocation.
So now they've put him in with
the real bad guys. He gets 'em to...
He gets 'em to shoot off their mouths,
then testifies against 'em.
- Baboom! He gets an early out.
- How come he's back in prison?
The dumbass violated his parole.
It's like he wanted to get sent here.
Is he being a good boy this time?
Listen to this.
Chabliss, State Parole.
I wanna see Neely. Thank you.
- A model inmate.
- Oh, Jesus!
Works in the infirmary as a volunteer.
This guy's even the chaplain's clerk!
The little scumbag comes to jail
and finds the Lord.
What are these guys? The choir?
"Now his elder son was in the field."
Jesus! Very butch!
What is he? A boy soprano?
- There he is.
- Yeah, I see him.
- A regular St Francis of Assisi.
- Yeah.
- What's the story on the old con?
- Old Carl. He's been here for ever.
Dying of emphysema. Any day now.
Tough old bastard, though.
Another con sliced him up years back.
Carl stuck a shiv through the guy's throat.
So they gave him life.
Looks like he's gonna do it all, too.
The chaplain says that Carl
has been very good for Neely.
That's great.
Says he brought
the young man back to the Church.
Becker treats the kid like a son.
Becker? What...?
Carl Becker! Jesus Christ!
That's Carl Becker?
Yeah, that's what I said -
Carl Becker. Wait here.
"...thou art ever with me...
...and all that I have is thine."
Hey, Carl.
Neely, a PI named Leo McCarthy
wants to have five minutes of your time.
What do you think?
No. Absolutely not.
Five minutes. What's it gonna take?
"For this thy brother was dead,
and is alive again."
Thanks a lot!
"He was lost
and is found."
So there you are!
Jesus Christ! You went back
to the apartment, didn't you?
Couldn't sit around all day.
Stubborn son of a bitch.
You're like a ten-year-old!
- Where you been?
- What is this shit?
- What the hell is this?
- Say g'day to Bluey.
How are ya, pal? Nice to meet ya.
You're not eating that shit, are ya?
It's been there for five years!
Do me a favour, will ya?
Stay away from the pickled eggs.
I've been at the library.
Pardon me, would you, sir? Thank you.
I found out why Mike
Иллюзия убийства 2 Иллюзия убийства 2

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