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Иллюзия убийства 2

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Tony! Now it's my turn.
- Break a leg.
- Yeah.
- What's the matter, Rollie?
- There's too much smoke.
- It's a shower, not a fire.
- Yeah. So? What do I do?
Go to the panel
at the back of the machine.
Turn the knob counterclockwise.
Wrong way, Mike.
Something's wrong.
- What's shakin', Mike?
- I'm taking care of it.
We've lost him.
The man's coming your way.
And Mikey?
He's got a blade.
- How you doin'?
- I'm still shaking.
Just relax. Everything's gonna be fine.
Hey, Rollie, dig this!
I'm a special-effects man.
Whaddaya think of that movie?
Knock it off.
- Mike?
- All right! Keep your shirt on.
That's better.
Hey, Rollie, I'm signing off now.
In ten minutes I'll buy you a drink.
Mike, don't take the watch off.
OK, big boy, come and get me!
Here he comes.
Smoky. Too bloody smoky.
I'm glad you've got that gun.
Jesus Christ!
Kick it in!
- Freeze, asshole!
- No!
McQuay, get on the air.
Tell 'em we got a cop down.
Get her outta here. Get her out!
Where is everybody, Silak?
The bastard got away!
What the hell are you talking about?
I just iced the son of a bitch!
There was someone else in the room!
How do you know? You left the building.
- He was on the back stairs.
- Wait a minute. Hold it. Now listen.
There were only two people in here.
Mike... and this piece of shit.
Now if you saw somebody on the back
stairs, he didn't come out of this place.
Mike is dead.
Too much smoke, Tyler!
He got to Mike first.
Now would you get in there
and shut off that goddamn machine?
The backup's here. Wagon's on the way.
I brought the girl to her neighbour's.
Jesus, Mike!
Why did this have to happen?
Shit! Why did this have to happen?
I think you'd better get home.
Mike's kid is gonna need you.
- Yeah. What about my gear?
- I'll see it gets back to you.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Come on!
- Hello.
- Leo, it's Rollie.
This is Leo McCarthy.
I hope this damn machine's working.
- Come on, come on!
- I promise I'll get back to you.
Leo, it's Rollie.
Pick up if you're there.
All right, you know where I am.
I need your help.
Get in touch. I'm in trouble.
How'd it go?
There's been an accident.
Chris, you don't have to do this.
I want to.
Take a look at this.
You got a problem reading, or what?
- It says "Do not enter".
- And "Crime scene". What's going on?!
Are you family, lady?
I'm Mike's ex-wife and this is his son.
We just came to pick up a few things.
Nothing's gonna leave here
without an OK from downtown.
- What are you looking for?
- It's just a routine search procedure,
Miss Brandon. You got a problem,
you talk to Headquarters.
This is routine?
Mike was a victim, not the suspect.
Or does somebody see this differently?!
When an officer's killed on duty,
we have to secure the premises
and all department property.
- I'm sure you understand.
- I understand that is a lot of baloney!
I can't believe this!
These are mine.
"Bad Blood. Bar..." Oop!
I'm still playing with those.
"Becker". Now what kind of game is that?
Come on, you can see it's the kid's disk.
Ma'am, you cannot take that.
Be reasonable.
The boy just lost his father.
- Oh, God. Ray.
- I'm sorry.
Your father was a good cop, Chris.
The best I ever knew.
I'm gonna make sure
that you get his gold shield.
I know he'd want you to have it. OK?
Come on.
- I called you this morning.
- We had to pick up a few things.
Listen, Rollie. Your equipment.
Oh, yeah.
You blokes have a lot on your mind.
I'll get it later.
No, no! We'll deliver it.
Just give us a time.
I got some things to do now,
but I'll be home later this afternoon.
Fine. By the way... Rollie.
Is this...
something of yours?
Thanks. It's a remote transistor.
It goes with the projector.
Don't fool with me.
It's a goddamn camera!
- I wanna know what it was doing there.
- Mike wanted a camera.
Mike didn't clear a camera
Иллюзия убийства 2 Иллюзия убийства 2

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