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Nassau County airport!
Jesus Christ!
Where did you learn to drive?
Slow down! Slow down!
Here, take this.
And keep it steady. Steady!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Like before.
Look, Silak! No hands!
Oh, my God! What are you doin'?
Don't let go of the wheel! Jesus Christ!
- Where is the bloody thing?
- Get it!
My God! We're... We're going...
What's the matter with you?
You've gone... Hey! Hey!
There he goes!
Silak! You're on your own!
Let's go! C'mon!
I don't know how to work this!
Oh, my God!
Hey! Can somebody help?
Hey...! I'm...!
Oh, God, stay up now.
- It's goin' down!
- It's not supposed to.
- Bluey's sprung a leak.
- You said it would float.
I thought it would!
Grab the bag!
- All right, gimme the bag.
- Here. Take Bluey.
Screw Bluey! Gimme the goddamn bag!
- All right.
- Got it?
Don't forget me!
C'mon, mate.
- Come on, you Bluey!
- Look at Silak go!
I hear it's a bitch to learn
how to fly those things.
He's doin' all right!
For a clown!
We got a problem. You know how long it's
gonna take us to dry ten million dollars?
These are already dried!
- Tell me those aren't the real medallions.
- They are. I switched 'em!
Rollie, you dumb bastard! The Mob wasn't
stealing 'em. They were returning them
to the Vatican!
Nobody told me.
I wonder if we can find
a decent restaurant?
What do you say we exchange some of
our damp currency and try to find one?
- Good idea. What d'ya fancy?
- How about Mexican?
Real class, Leo. But I promised
Kim and Chris real Italian pizza.
Only one city in the world
has decent pizza.
- Yeah. Sydney!
- Yeah, you're right!
You want a genuine
coin collection from the Vatican?
That's the last thing you need - coins.
- Sorry, pal.
- Come on. Next trip.
Here you are. Let's get on this.
No horse should be pulling him.
Apologise to the horse, mate.
Wait a second!
Hold it! Hold it! Oh, my God!
I got it.
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