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Yes, she was a fine Catholic girl, Father.
- I don't know what happened to her.
- Shut up, please, Leo.
Enjoy your trip?
You're goin' on another one!
Bon voyage!
- How long is this gonna take?
- Until it's over.
You got the medallions, so pay up.
Put them away to look at on rainy days!
- Shut up, will ya?
- You screwed up, Silak!
You didn't check out
who really owns this place.
- What does he mean?
- You're an asshole, McCarthy.
Do you think this place
belongs to some fence?
These guys look like
art collectors to you?
This is a Mob safe house, Neely.
Nobody said nothin' about the Mob.
Their money's the same
as anybody else's.
So when do we see it?
All right.
Old bills, as you requested.
It'll take you a while
to count to ten million.
Jesus! Here we go.
What did he tell ya, kid? Five?
Or was your end just supposed
to be parole and carfare?
- You son of a bitch, Silak.
- You were gonna get half the ten million.
Bullshit! I was the one
who got Becker to talk!
Without me,
you and her would be nowhere!
The kid is right, Silak.
You deserve a 60/40 split.
- Shut your foul trap!
- Maybe it should be 70/30.
You went back inside. The words
double-cross come to my mind.
- The word dead man comes to my mind!
- That's two words.
I apologise for these interruptions.
They'll soon be over.
They are his work. Michelangelo.
Very good.
You know where they have to go.
The boat's waiting.
Yes, sir.
May I go, too?
- Yes. Thank you for your help.
- Thank you.
How about that, Silak?
You tell the chopper noon,
he's here on the button.
Now all you gotta do is get out alive.
You don't think they're gonna
let you walk with that cash?
- Don't listen to him. The money's yours.
- Yeah, sure! Silak, wait.
Before we break up the party,
answer me this.
Now you got these medallions,
what the hell are you gonna do with 'em?
- Who's the buyer?
- There's no buyer.
They're being returned
to their rightful owner.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying the Vatican is behind this?
No. Our associates in Italy have never
condoned crimes against the Church.
This is our way of righting a wrong.
Come on, Neely, let's...
Silak, you dumb shit!
They'll fill ya full of holes.
Now hold it a second.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Are we forgetting somebody here?
What about Liz?
Where's her share, huh?
Who's supposed to pay you, anyway?
Mr Pizza Man here, or
Moe and Larry?
Weren't they gonna cut you in?
- Don't be stupid. I'm not in it for money.
- That's enough!
Son of a bitch! Of course!
You're getting into bed with the Mob,
aren't ya? Huh?
You're gonna be connected
to all that influence and... and power.
Tell me, Liz, what do you get out of it?
US attorney?
Or was I right the first time?
Are you gonna be the next senator
- from the state of pasta fasul?
- Shut up!
Game's over. Gimme the gun.
Oh, bullshit!
You're not gonna shoot me!
You guys, stay outta this!
It's between her and me.
Don't look at him. He's not gonna help ya.
He wants you to do it. Sure!
He wants you to make your bones,
right now, with me.
That way, he owns your ass for ever.
Is that what you want?
- Gimme the gun.
- Don't.
- Please!
- Gimme that gun! C'mon!
Let's go.
- Damn!
- Life's a bitch, Neely!
And then...
Jesus Christ!
You call that a small fire effect?
It's not an exact bloody science.
Christ, I stink!
Let's go. The chopper's about to take off.
Yeah. I'll catch up with ya in a minute.
He's messy, but he's fun at parties!
When did you know?
I'm a good detective.
I got lucky.
Big name for a little cat:
- Samson.
- I wondered where the hell that went.
OK, Leo, it's your call.
I wonder if I could kill you
as easily as you killed me.
Now there's the backup you ordered!
I called 'em, too - just in case you forgot.
Why don't you explain all this to them?
Come on, mate, I'm losing him!
You're goin' the wrong way!
I said the
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- Daenseo-ui sunjeong
- 2

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