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She doesn't want that.
No approaches
by any member of the crew.
Now, listen.
I don't get the feeling
she wants to hurt anyone.
I've never heard of a hijacker
letting passengers deboard before.
My recommendation is you ask
the airline to wire the money,
notify me when the transfer's been made.
Let's keep her thinking
she's in control.
We'll land, get everyone deboarded,
then we take her down.
Mr. Carson?
- What are you doing?
- I am not sitting back there.
- Gene, she knows.
- What does she know?
She knows the kid's in avionics,
she knows that I'm a part of this.
- Did she say anything about avionics?
- No.
- Did you?
- No.
Then why are you panicking? Everything's
working out how we wanted it to.
She has half the plane believing
we have Arab terrorists on board.
- It's priceless.
- She's putting things together, Gene.
What difference does it make? She'll
be dead ten minutes after we land.
They'll find her
with a bullet hole through her head.
And a detonator in her hand.
Hasn't this all been explained to you
a thousand times?
The only piece of evidence that matters
is about this high.
Her name is Julia
and she is gonna get vaporized.
Now it is all working.
Get it together.
OK, look.
If something goes wrong when we land...
Mr. Carson?
The captain would like you to call him.
Thank you.
Yes, captain.
The money's been wired.
I have confirmation. Do you have a pen?
I do.
Go ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, the captain
has turned on the seat-belt sign
as we prepare for our final descent.
Please return your seat
to its upright position.
Thank you. I can handle it from here.
I don't understand.
Cuffs are for people who pose a threat.
We're putting down in Goose Bay,
Newfoundland. The F.B.I.'s en route.
I've notified them that
we have a missing person situation.
They'll clear the plane
and every passenger on board
will be detained and questioned.
Two agents will come on board
and help us look for her.
What about the crew?
Will they be detained and questioned?
You've no idea how happy I'm gonna be
to hand this case over.
Thank you.
Where the hell are we?
Sit back.
All units, the suspect will be escorted
off the plane by a flight marshal.
Confirm. Victor One
standing by to provide transport.
Just keep quiet.
You don't want to antagonize anybody.
These people already expect
you to be arrested by now.
Touch me again, you're dead.
Go. Move.
Shut up.
The crew's gonna deboard now.
Another couple of minutes,
the plane will be all yours.
- Where are you going?
- I need to talk to him.
Make sure
nothing gets taken off the plane.
No food carts, no trash cans.
It's important the plane stays sealed.
Well, I don't really have the option
to say no.
Do I?
OK, let's sit down.
All set for deboarding?
Captain, look. I know I broke the law
and disrupted your flight.
But in a few minutes,
we'll find my daughter...
- The crew can deboard now.
- And you're gonna owe her an apology.
Miss Pratt, your money has been wired
just as you asked.
A G3 is waiting, just as you asked.
Perhaps we can do without the pretense
of the missing child now.
- Wait here. I'll get them.
- Get who?
The agents. Wait here.
Subject is zero 50 meters.
You get off the plane
when I say you get off the plane.
You want to play?
Let's play.
I want my daughter.
Deboard the crew
and we'll talk about it.
Or you can go back there
and tell them I'm the hijacker.
And maybe they'll believe you.
Maybe I'll tell them
what you've got in your pocket.
Go ahead. The first one to go
will be your daughter.
- Will that be all?
- No.
Give him your gun.
- God speed, Mr. Carson.
- Thank you, captain.
I think you and I need to talk.
Me, too.
Where is she?
Where'd you put her?
She's in avionics, isn't she?
Isn't she?

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