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hasn't been up here. Sorry.
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
She has sandy hair in a ponytail.
She's probably carrying a chenille bear
with one arm.
She probably just found
a couple of kids to play with.
Two Bloody Marys.
- Here you go, ma'am.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Would you mind using the other aisle?
- I'm just looking for my daughter.
- Well, she can't have gone too far.
Fine, I'll go around.
- Your juice.
- Thank you.
Pardon me.
- Is something wrong?
- I'm looking for my daughter.
Have you seen her walking by or...
I don't think so.
How old is she?
- She's six.
- No, I never saw her.
Can I help you, ma'am?
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm sorry to interrupt.
It seems our aircraft
is big enough to lose a child in.
Her name is Julia Pratt.
She's six years old
and wearing a navy blue jumper.
If she's near you
or playing with one of your kids,
please press the call button.
We've got an anxious mom up here.
Thank you.
All children
should have to wear a cowbell.
Someone must've seen her.
Any takers?
We've got to search the plane.
I don't know how to organize that.
Miss Pratt,
I am sure she's perfectly OK.
No, she's not.
She's been through something.
She's not herself right now.
- Can we get the seat-belt signs on?
- We're getting ahead of ourselves.
There's nine closets on this plane.
There's four up and five down.
And nobody's checked any of them.
There's galleys, crew quarters.
There's the holds.
Kids can find places like that.
I just need the aisles clear
so I can look, OK?
I'm gonna have to ask you
to go back to your seat.
But I tell you what. I will personally
go and speak to the captain
and see if he can step away
from the flight deck. All right?
Are you in the airline business?
You seem to know aircraft design.
Yeah, I'm a propulsion engineer.
I work for Elgin Air.
I mean, I just left.
Based in Berlin?
Look, I know
you're just trying to keep me calm.
But the problem is not that I'm anxious.
The problem is my daughter is missing
and nobody can tell me where she is.
I'm sorry.
Do you have any kids?
- Do nieces count?
- Yeah, almost.
They hate playing hide and seek
with me because I always find them.
So, fear not.
Did you guys see my little girl?
You're the one
they made the announcement about?
I didn't even know
you had a kid with you. Did you?
Sorry, I didn't.
Maybe you could help me look for her.
- Cool.
- Awesome. I'm so bored.
Sorry, no.
- Why not?
- Dad, she's lost.
How lost can she be?
We're in a tube.
Turn around.
I'm sure the captain
will be here any minute.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
You the one who came up
with the five-across seating?
- Miss Pratt.
- What's wrong?
- Who's she talking to?
- We'll get to the bottom of this.
Is she all right? Did something
happen to her? She's hurt.
Do you know where my daughter is?
What aren't you telling me?
What aren't you telling me?
Say it.
Miss Pratt, I'm sorry
but I don't think that she's here.
- What?
- We don't...
Ma'am, we don't have any record of your
daughter ever having been on board.
What are you talking about?
The departure gate say they never
checked a Julia Pratt onto this plane.
Of course they did.
She was right next to me.
We were the first two passengers
on the plane.
We must have walked right past you.
Ma'am, this is our passenger manifest.
Your daughter isn't on it.
We walked right past you.
Row 26.
I put her in the seat next to me, 26A.
The manifest lists 26A as unoccupied
and I did the headcount myself.
So you missed one. What does that
have to do with finding her now?
- You want to see her boarding pass?
- If you wouldn't mind.
I put it right in my pocket.
I put both boarding passes in my pocket.
Her backpack's missing.
She couldn't have reached up there
by herself. She's not tall enough.
- Somebody has her.
- That's quite an

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