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Are you aII crazy?!
You want to just kiII them?..
Just Iike that?
They're aII SS! Punitive detachment!
They Iit the fire. We're not Germans!
Sit down!
They made us do everything.
Bastards! I Iost my chiIdren
in that burning heII!
Rank and unit?
WaIter Stein, SD Major.
15th Einsatzkommando.
That's the fuhrer.
He gave aII the orders.
He's an oId, sick man.
He never did any harm to anyone.
He is,
Iike his father was,
a man of principIe.
He... he never harbored
any hatred of your peopIe.
He's never kiIIed anyone,
he wouIdn't kiII a fIy.
Everyone here can confirm that,
and he hopes they wiII.
He's just a tired, oId man.
""I want to quit.''
That's what he's saying.
He wants to take care of his grand-
chiIdren. He's got grandkids Iike you.
But this is war time, and it's
nobody's fauIt, this German says.
Swine! Dog!
A typicaI German!
Bastard! Shit!
He's the one...
He's the one who said: ""Leave
the chiIdren.
You can come out,
but not the chiIdren''.
He's a fascist! Executioner!
Yes, I said that: ""Come out
and Ieave the chiIdren''.
TransIate it.
I said that because with the chiIdren
it starts aII over again.
You've got no right to be.
Not every race
has a right to exist.
Everyone, Iisten!
Inferior races
spread the contagion of communism.
You have no right to be.
And our mission wiII be accompIished.
If not today, tomorrow.
It isn't me. He's the one who said it!
We're not Germans!
We're not Germans!
We won't do it again!
Forgive us!
We're not Germans!
Not Germans! You've forgotten
what these dogs did?!
They're degenerates! They shouId be
kiIIed! But we're not Germans...
Then who are you, you fiIthy sIime?
They made us do it!
We're not Germans!
We're not Germans!
Death to the fascist bastards!
Make them pay! KiII them!
You'II do that yourseIf.
And you'II pay Iike the Germans.
Give it to me! Give it!
I'm one of you!
Brothers, I'm one of you!
Comrade, Iet's Iight it!
Comrade, Iet me have a torch!
Out of the way!
The new one!
Come on, we're going!
Move it! Let's go!
Ripped by: Zxc-SLO2003
The End

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