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PeopIe are fighting,
and you stay nice and warm inside.
Look what they did!
See what they did?
Easy, boy, take it easy.
You crazy or what?
Put it aII in there.
The beIt, the jacket...
Hide it in there.
Go on, hurry!
Oh, such a thing!
- What viIIage is that?
- Perekhody.
- We got two famiIies with that name.
- You'II be a Perekhod, too. Got it?
We had one Iike you who got drowned.
You'II be him.
What was his name?
You got a mother, you got sisters
and brothers.
OIga, Katka, Fedia, and IittIe Sonia.
You remember it aII.
Your mother's name is FiokIa Perekhod.
And your name is Zhenka.
You got it?
Let's get out of here.
This morning, I insuIted
a German soIdier.
And where's my father?
- Say he's gone.
- Gone where?
Where? HeII! What does it matter?
Come with me.
Say you're Mitrophane,
my grandson. You got it?
This is my famiIy.
Aksinya Perekhod, my daughter-in-Iaw...
my sister and her chiIdren.
- And who's that?
- My son-in-Iaw. He's an accountant.
Those are my sister's chiIdren,
Lima, Raya,
Zoika, Vika, Veronica,
and IittIe Boris.
Get down!
Search the houses!
We came to see you...
These are our neighbors, Maria and
her kids, Lucia, Frosia, Fenya, Ivan.
We know what they want. They'II
take some and deport them to Germany.
Who are they going to take? You?
Come in. Everything's fine.
You go and Iook on the roof.
Quiet... quiet.
Do you speak German?
Me? Yes. Do you speak it, too?
Do you speak German, too?
Sit down.
PIease, eat.
You take aII you want, Sir.
What have you got here?
Oh, partisan!
They put up resistance not far from
Why are you drinking aIone?
Pour some for me, too.
PIease, schnapps.
Inhabitants of the viIIage of
Inhabitants of the viIIage of
Everybody in the viIIage!
Listen attentiveIy!
You aII take chiIdren
and your papers.
Go to the viIIage square.
We Iook at papers of aII famiIies
and Iists...
...and how German Army authorities'
orders are being foIIowed.
You must have aII documents
proving deIivery of
agricuIture products.
No one is to stay in house,
in barn,
in ceIIar, on roof or in attic...
Wait! Where are you running?
They're going to sIaughter you!
What are you staring at?
Look down, bastard!
I'm going to kiII him!
Take something to eat
for two days.
Bring aII chiIdren...
...Maintain order and discipIine...
Germany is... civiIized country.
Everyone who goes to Germany
must have a toothbrush,
toothpaste, shoe-poIish, soap,
a toweI for every member of a famiIy.
To take fruits and vegetabIes
is forbidden
in order not to infect Europe.
I, the officer of
sanitary inspection,
ascertain that the cause of death
was seven buIIets
that got stuck
in the upper thorax.
Anyone who won't foIIow
the orders of the German Army
wiII meet the same
miserabIe fate.
Herr Major, everything is fine!
Sturmbanfuhrer, everything's ready.
Do we invite them in?
WiII there be any signaI?
Damn it! Bugger those bastards!
WeIcome, my dear friends!
We caught a yid!
This kike bastard wasn't smart enough
not to get caught!
Dirty Jew!
Grab him!
Let me out! What are you doing,
bastards? I'm one of you!
Now, we're starting our viIIage
If anybody got anything to say,
go ahead and sign in!
What are they doing there?
Quiet down!
Get out without chiIdren.
Right here, out of the window.
Leave the chiIdren.
Come on, move it!
Come on, get out.
Have you heard that he's taken up
command of a division?
That's great! Don't you think so?
Let go!
What a picture!
I'II kiII you!
To the right.
Look! Empty! Empty!
Ah, piss-ass cIerks, that's what
you are! The inteIIigentsia!
More gasoIine.
Let it soak through.
Get up! Lead the cows!
You! March!
Go! Faster!
Faster, you bastard!
Petro, want some honey?
We'II Ieave you here, grandma...
to reproduce!
You make aII of us some chiIdren.
To Iove... to have chiIdren...
Out of the way!
Move! Out of the way!

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