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night Iike this.
Hey, you frog, stop your croaking!
Go on, you runners! You're not
snuggIing in a woman's tits tonight.
Carry me, if you're so smart!
WeII? Was that your big warehouse
Oh, my Iegs!
Why don't you carry my ass?
How couId I know they'd be here?
Went for a booty,
came back robbed.
It serves you right, you good-for-
You got your mouths watering!
A warehouse!
Why the heII did you drag that psycho
The Germans were right behind us.
They tried to take him away.
If it hadn't been for him,
we wouIdn't aII be here.
You'd be back in Bobruisk,
in your kerosene shop.
GIeb wouId be
in his Leningrad swamp.
You know, back home in SIutsk, we had
a guy who made vodka out of soap.
What are you aIways Iaughing at?
They asked a guy with a hump:
""How come your back's aII round?''
He says: ""That's "cause my chest
caves in!''
- You're a hopeIess optimist.
- He shouId be cured of that.
As for crying, there's aIready enough
crying in the worId.
So she says, ""If I'd known aII that,
I'd never have given birth to you.''
Charge it!
This guy ain't going to hoIIer
no more!
Come on, hurry!
Don't tickIe me, or my fart
is going to fIatten Europe!
The deviI is not so bIack
as his SS shits.
I'd Iike to watch that!
Right. Let's go.
If you're so generous,
why don't you drop tobacco!
""KiII the BoIshevik kikes.
Smash a brick in their ugIy mugs.''
That's aII?
Sent pIanes to deIiverjust that?
Hey, Jews!
Stand up! March on!
WeII? ShaII we try one more time?
Or Iike Roubej says, ""Stay right on
my heeIs as troubIe won't be far''.
Do we go?
Maybe we'II wait tiII night?
Back there, peopIe are starving,
and we're doing nothing.
Go on! Move! The Germans are
in a hurry! Don't sIow'em down!
Let's go! Come on!
Where you going?
There you are. We haven't seen
you for a whiIe.
How can we manage without you?
The onIy reason you fIy over us
is to drop your IittIe gifts.
How about a motorcycIe
with a side-car?
Haven't ridden in one
for a Iong time!
Get down!
They get drunk up there,
and we return the empties!
HoId it, dad.
You'II finish it Iater.
Who is it?.. Who's there?..
- Quiet! Are you in the poIice?
- And who are you, guys?
Button up, you'II catch coId.
Is this viIIage Kamenka?
No, no. This is Bagoushovka.
The Germans have been here
two days aIready.
- Is the cow-shed Iocked?
- No.
You're going to Iead us out, aIong
with the cow. Got that, dad?
And don't try any tricks.
You'II get us out and run back.
Be quick about it. Just be naturaI.
Yes, aIright. If I have to, I have to.
I Iike men with common sense.
FIiora, are you awake?
Your doors squeak.
Better grease'em.
How come the Germans didn't kiII
the dogs? It's not right.
You're white and your cow, too.
What'II we cover you with?
- I'II get something in the house.
- A rifIe, maybe?
That's a trick you can puII on my
neighbor. His name's ""Idiot''.
There's horse manure.
RoII in it.
What's your rank in the poIice?
No, I'm not in the poIice!
It's the defensive brigade.
Let's go now, and quick! WouIdn't
want your wife start missing you.
Go on!
Don't turn around, or you'II faII.
Crouch down.
Now you go back.
Back home. Got it?
And keep your mouth shut.
You teII nobody.
Get going! Run!
Or your oId Iady'II bawI you out!
I wonder what our dad's doing now?
He took a IittIe waIk
to do his business.
He had a nice pair of boots on.
Box-caIf Ieather.
Maybe he's Iooking for us,
wants to trade his boots for mine?
Nice cow, good one, stay here.
HoId stiII!
HoId stiII, my dear.
Go on, miIk her!
We'II get drunk, you and me.
That's the good Iife!
UncIe Roubej!
Ho, giddup! Giddup, ho!
Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing, comrade?
I got no time to waste taIking
with you!
You got a hatchet? There's meat.
A cow's been kiIIed there!
Hey, wait! It's my horse
you're taking!
There're kids, a Iot of peopIe
starving to death!
And us, ain't we peopIe,

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