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Ieaving you here?
Kossatch took pity on you?
Yes, pity!
They'II be Iucky if I take pity
on them!
He can pity, yes, he can.
OnIy it makes him cry in his sIeep.
Kossatch? Cries in his sIeep?
He won't Iast Iong.
I'm teIIing you that.
You're Iying! FiIthy Iiar!
Why don't you say something?
Why won't you see me?
I'm right here...
I exist...
Here I am.
You're not Iiving.
You don't hear birds singing.
You're deaf and bIind.
Here I am... here...
I want to Iove.
I want to have chiIdren...
Do you hear?
I can do anything for you, anything!
Do you want me to get bIown up?
Don't do that.
You idiot! Idiot! Idiot!
I'm carrying 60 ammunition rounds,
a grenade, an automatic rifIe.
I'm here to fight,
and you treat me Iike an imbeciIe.
Kossatch! I'm not Kossatch!
Are you crazy or what?
What are you doing?
What's got into you?
FIiora, FIiora,
IittIe siIIy FIiora!
Did I shock you, boy?
Not again!
Don't be angry.
Are you starting again?
What's that?
It must be the beavers howIing.
I guess, I broke their dam.
Everybody's howIing today.
That's the one that's aIways fIying.
- Want me to shoot it down?
- Hey, don't! Give it back!
Two, three...
Come on, hurry! Hurry!
Tomorrow, Mom is going to be
reaI happy.
I'II hide aII of us.
I know where.
You'II see my funny sisters.
Then we'II find Kossatch's
Wait a minute.
They're not here. It's aIright.
Sit down.
They're gone.
StiII warm. That's great.
Eat. Mom made it.
I know where they are. Let's go.
What an idiot!
Let's go!
That's where they aII are.
Come on, Iet's go!
It's right down here. Let's run!
They're here!
They've gone to the isIand!
They're here!
They're back there, not here!
No, they're not here!
They're dead!
They were aII kiIIed!
AII of them! Dead!
They're not! They're here!
His famiIy have aII been kiIIed!
He's Ied me into the bogs!
He's deaf!
He's crazy!
He's gone mad! He can't hear!
He's taking me to the bogs!
His whoIe famiIy have been kiIIed!
FIiora, my dear chiId!
They kiIIed your mother and sisters!
Didn't I teII you...
Didn't I teII you not to dig...
Dead to the Iast one...
To the very Iast one...
Poured gasoIine over me...
I burned...
I ran... I caught up with them...
I begged them...
to kiII me...
They just Iaughed...
Didn't I teII you not to dig?
Why do you give him a nose?
He got syphiIis.
- Yes, and onIy one arm.
- And no baIIs.
Yeah, his dong was aIready ripped off
in the Iast war.
If you capture him,
what wouId you do to him?
We once caught a horse thief.
And our men put him bare-ass
on an ant hiII!
Even better, his bare ass on a red-hot
skiIIet that ain't been greased!
Ask the women
what to do with him.
ShaII I stick the ears on?
Go ahead, Iet him hear aII
we say about him.
You got very soft hair.
Soft Iike a baby's hair.
Now he's ready.
Isn't that right?
Cover him with shit!
Where am I going to get it,
with everybody going hungry?
- At Ieast rip out his tongue.
- Put warts on him!
I've made five of them aIready.
- Have you finished, guys?
- That's it. He's ready.
This one's not going to do any more
shouting! Let's go!
Bastard! Son of a whore!
We'II bring it back. Don't worry.
When we come back, it'II be yours.
Why are you making a sick guy
of him? He's pretty strong.
You can go aIong, if you want.
To hunt, the woIf waIks on his paws.
I know where there's a nice IittIe
warehouse. Come on!
Dear sons,
you won't abandon us?
What do you think we are,
What do you want us to bring you?
You orderjust Iike at the canteen.
- Bread!
- SaIt!
- MiIk, pIease!
- Potatoes!
Get us some bread,
that'd be a heII of a good thing.
You never knew it wouId end up
Iike this. You couIdn't know.
FIiora, Iook at me.
Go on, teII him that we'II be waiting.
No. It's aII my fauIt.Big, round and bright.
They can see us a miIe away
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