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My son!
HeIIo, everybody!
Just keep going, Iad, keep going.
Why rip it off with the skin?
What are you doing?
I'm stiII aIive!
Nurse, water...
Go on, move!
- HeIIo.
- HeIIo.
Who is the Iast one?
Don't sit in the Major's chair!
AII of you, shut up!
CIose up a IittIe!
And you, Iook forward!
What's that? You caII it your face?
Look at your comrade's face!
Ah, what a suit!
Over here.
You'II Iie down right here.
Like that.
Don't take your suit off yet.
Hey, you cow!
Make room for the cow!
Hurry up, Perekhod! We ain't got
aII day!
I've got onIy one sheet of fiIm.
This is the Iast one, so hoId it.
Our father is here!
Quiet down! I'm ready.
Look at this man. He put on
a new suit and he stays stiII.
Let's make a trade.
I took it from a Iive guy.
Ah, our Chief. WeIcome, Comrade.
WiII you give us a picture?
Rise up, our country wide and great,
Rise up for a deadIy fight
With fascists daring to invade,
With bIack hordes of the night.
Let our nobIe wrath sweII on,
Like a big and surging wave.
The peopIe's war is going on,
Our sacred war of faith.
Who is there?
- Are you new?
- Yeah.
- Your name?
- Gaishoun. Third squad.
- Why didn't you shoot?
- I recognized you, Comrade Commander.
Whenever a man doesn't stop or say
the password, shoot!
Yes, onIy...
No excuses.
Extra duty as a punishment.
- Where is he?
- Who? Password!
- Where'd he go?
- Password, I said!
That damned owI again!
Go to sIeep. Your watch is up.
...in the immediate proximity
of the enemy...
are fuIfiIIing their duty day and
And today I got two notes,
Very crypticaIIy drawn.
Every Iine contained just dots,
For me to guess it on my own.
How am I to find
What is on his mind...
Ivan, come here!
I'm going to teII you the truth.
This wiII be a hard time for us.
OId partisans know onIy too weII
what a siege means.
It means HitIer's ""aII-out war''.
His objective is to exterminate
aII of us.
Our duty is to defend to the end
every territory
that the High Command
has put into our hands.
But the situation is compIicated,
and it's going to change every
So we must be vigiIant.
You have a weapon in your hands
and a head on your shouIders.
Or, as our Commander says,
to Iive and never say ""What the heck''
is not my way.
I've said it before, I'II say it
A partisan never asks how many
fascists are there?
No. He asks, ""Where are the fascists?''
WeII, right now, they are here,
on our soiI.
Every one of you
heIps decide
how Iong this war wiII Iast.
We won't have any cowards here.
Not one of you is going to be
a coward.
Their main weapon is fear.
They want to make sIaves of you,
just bugs, to crush you down.
They're the ones who are going
to be scared of us! No mercy to them!
They don't deserve any.
We'II aII be asked one day
what we did here.
Any wounded or sick?
Any who can't march aIone?
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
We have to organize a reserve
station in any case.
- No wounded or sick!
- No one pIaying tricks!
You see, my boots are no good at aII.
Swap boots with the new one.
He's staying behind.
AII sections, by fours, faII in
and foIIow me, forward march!
Move it! Move it!
You heard the commander?
Come on, sit down.
Let's go, men!
Don't faII behind!
What's your name?
And your first name?
That's it, FIiora. FIorian.
And yours?
Rose. Rose of the koIkhoze!
Ever hear that one?
TeII me, how did you get here?
They deported me to Germany.
But here I am!
They rescued you? Kossatch did?
I want to ask you, Rose, you were
aII dressed up over there. Why?
Where was that?
This morning, in front of the men.
I couIdn't get it, Rose, reaIIy.
My name is GIasha. GIafira.
You understand now, idiot?
- What's wrong?
- And what's wrong with you? FIiora!
Just exactIy what are you doing
What, they took pity on the IittIe

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