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Who am I speaking to right now?
Where did you learn that poem?
Who am I speaking to?
Look at me.
Who am I speaking to right now?
-What's happening?
-PIease be quiet.
-He can hear what we're saying?
Of course I can hear
what you're fucking saying.
Edward, you missed your Iast
appointment. Where have you been?
-Did I bIack out again?
-Try and think back.
Where have you been?
AII right.
I was driving this actress...
...and we got stuck at the moteI.
There was a storm.
We couIdn't get out
because of the storm.
What happened at the moteI?
PeopIe started dying.
And then their bodies--
It didn't make any sense.
They disappeared.
Edward, I'd Iike to show
something to you, if I may.
Do you recognize this man?
That man, Edward,
is MaIcoIm Rivers.
He's had a very troubIed Iife.
He was arrested four years ago...
...and convicted of the murder
of six peopIe in a vioIent rampage.
-He did this.
-Detective, pIease.
Edward, Iisten to me.
When faced with an intense trauma,
a chiId's mind may fracture...
...creating disassociated identities.
That's exactIy what happened
to MaIcoIm Rivers.
He deveIoped a condition
that is commonIy known...
...as MuItipIe PersonaIity Syndrome.
Why are you teIIing me this?
Because you, Edward...
...are one of his personaIities.
Jesus Christ! What the fuck
did you do to my face?
-Keep caIm.
-Where is my face?
-That is your face.
-Why am I tied up?
-Keep caIm.
-Where is--?
-Jesus Christ!
-Where is my face?
-Stay caIm.
No! I'm not gonna stay caIm!
Why am I tied up Iike this?
Who are aII these peopIe?
What happened at the moteI?
-Where is everybody?
-They don't exist, Edward.
You were aII created
by MaIcoIm as a chiId.
-You're a Iiar!
-Consider what you know.
-Everyone named after a state.
Everyone sharing the same birthday.
Your bIackouts.
No! I was a cop!
I was a cop in the Rampart Division
of L.A.P.D. for six years.
Edward, pIease.
I Iive in HoIIywood,
in a studio apartment.
-You don't Iive there.
-I do Iive there!
You don't Iive anywhere.
I know this is difficuIt to accept,
but the face you saw in that mirror...
...is the face I've aIways seen when
I taIk to Edward or Paris or Larry...
...or anyone eIse you've met tonight.
MaIcoIm is in the midst
of a medicaI treatment.
One which forces aII his identities to
confront one another for the first time.
I knew there wouId be vioIence...
...and with it, the number
of the identities wouId be reduced.
One of the personaIities
you've met tonight, Edward...
..mitted those murders
four years ago.
He took controI of MaIcoIm's body,
as you have now...
...and reIeased an unspeakabIe rage.
And in 1 9 hours...
...MaIcoIm Rivers wiII be put to death
because of those actions...
...unIess I can convince that man...
...that the kiIIer is gone.
I need you to stay with me.
I need your heIp.
I need your heIp to finish this.
Edward, Iisten to me.
Edward, stay with me.
Listen to me.
I need you to understand.
The kiIIer cannot survive.
Got it?
I can't see a thing.
Is there a fIashIight?
Hang on. Hang on.
-You got a fIashIight?
-Yeah, yeah, it's dead. Goddamn it.
Shut up!
Hey. What am I
supposed to wear, man?
You're in it.
Larry, come here.
Larry? Larry?
Where are the keys to the truck?
Where are the keys to the truck?
-That was good, Larry.
-We gotta get out of here.
-Ed has the keys to the truck.
-I got a spare right here.
-Where is he?
-I don't know. Here.
-What are you doing?
-We need a gun.
HoIy shit!
Give me the keys to the truck.
We gotta get out of here!
-He's coming. He's--
-Stay here.
-What's wrong with you?
Paris, Iisten to me.
Stay here.
It's gonna be okay.
Throw me the keys to the truck, Ed.
Throw me the keys to the truck.
Stay there. Stay

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