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And if anyone of us tries anything,
I'II shoot them!
-We get it.
Timmy? Timmy?
-You need to stay in here with us.
-It's aII right.
Remember that movie where
the 1 0 strangers went to an isIand...
...and then they aII died
one by one...
...and then it turned out they weren't
strangers, they aII had a connection?
They aII messed with the wrong guy,
and he was getting revenge.
Shut up!
I'm just saying maybe there's
a connection between aII of us.
Like what?
-We're aII in Nevada.
-Shut up!
Where were you going with your con
when you puIIed in here?
Carson City. Okay?
I was going home to FIorida.
Where were you going?
I was taking the actress to L.A.
I was born in FIorida.
Since you been in that chair,
no one's died, so shut up!
No one's died since we've
aII been here!
-Hey, sweetie, sit down.
-Where in FIorida, Larry?
-Where in FIorida?
-Friends now, huh? Great.
-PoIk County.
-That's where I was born.
-Which town?
-No wonder you Ieft.
There's a town caIIed Frostproof?
They grow oranges.
The name doubIes as a sIogan.
I danced haIIeIujah the day I Ieft PoIk.
Why wouId you wanna go back?
I found a grove for saIe
on the Internet.
Nine acres, 1 200 trees.
Limes and oranges.
According to the reaItor, the soiI
needs a few tiIIs, phosphorous...
...Ianes need reading,
but it's reaI good Iand.
It sounds nice.
She's dead.
Get him out of here.
Come on.
Come on, sweetie.
Look at this.
-Where'd you get that?
-Right here.
This doesn't make any sense.
She died from an accident.
George was an accident,
if you beIieve Larry.
Where is seven?
Back it up!
-See, I toId you it wasn't me!
-That's not possibIe.
I was standing right there. I saw what
happened. We aII saw what happened.
He ran out. Nobody couId have
known he was gonna do that.
No one human.
We're back to that again?
It's the spirits, huh?
Maybe it's the ghost of the guy
that Larry put in the freezer.
Somebody untie me.
Goddamn it!
You know it wasn't me.
Come on.
-We gotta get out--
-We gotta get out--
Take her car and get out.
You, her and the kid.
There's nowhere to go.
-How much gas do you have?
-HaIf a tank.
You can drive tiII dawn on that.
Look at me.
When you get to where it's fIooded,
go the other way.
I don't know if I can.
Get the kid and go.
Right now. Come on.
Timmy, come on. Let's go.
Get up.
What's going on?
-They can't Ieave!
-This way.
We'II see you
when the storm breaks.
Hey! Hey! They can't Ieave!
Where are they going? Get back here!
Go, go, go!
They're Ieaving.
-They're not Ieaving.
You can't Iet suspects Ieave
after four peopIe have been kiIIed!
-You reaIIy think they're suspects?
-They're not Ieaving!
Larry, you got a fire extinguisher?
-Fire extinguisher! Where?
-Back there!
Nobody in there.
Maybe it got so hot,
they got cremated.
There'd be something Ieft.
You did this.
You did this!
You toId them to get into the car!
Are you happy?
Where is he?
I give up!
I give up!
What the heII do you want?
What do you want, you sick bastard?
What the fuck do you want from us?
I am turning 30 next week
and I just want to go home...
...and grow oranges!
It's your birthday next week?
It's my birthday next week.
The 1 0th.
Me too.
Me too.
George York, May 1 0.
AIice York, May 1 0.
CaroIine Suzanne, May 1 0.
Ginny and Lou Isiana, May 1 0.
Me, Larry Washington,
May fucking 1 0.
What are the odds?
Must be 1 0 triIIion-to-one.
What is it?
-Where's the fuse box, Larry?
-Other side of the buiIding.
Ginny and Lou Isiana.
Virginia and Louisiana.
CaroIine, CaroIina.
Paris Nevada.
George York.
Larry Washington.
Rhodes, Rhode IsIand.
Ed Dakota.
When I was going up the stairs
I met a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today
I wish
I wish he'd go away
Who is this?
Идентификация Идентификация

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