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aIready sat on, that I aIready
decided, may make you happy.
But it pisses me off.
When your boy gets here, do what you
want, but in the name of decency...
...state your goddamn case!
Yes, sir.
Somebody get me
a cup of coffee, bIack.
AII right, everybody! Listen up!
There was an incident tonight.
That's poIice taIk for,
''Someone's head got Iopped off.''
-CaroIine Suzanne was murdered.
-Who's CaroIine Suzanne?
-The actress I was driving.
And where exactIy did that happen?
We don't know, because
we can't find the body.
Not aII of it anyway.
-What do you mean, you can't find it?
-Stay caIm. Everything wiII be aII right.
Officer Rhodes is outside.
He was transporting a convict.
-Who escaped.
-What are you--?
-HoId on.
-Running free!
WiII you shut the fuck
up so he can taIk?
This is my pIace, ho!
I'II say what I pIease!
-It's safe here.
-It is not safe here!
-There's a cop here.
-Yeah, two cops.
Wait. You're a cop?
-I was. Shut up, Larry!
-It's not safe here! I'm not staying--
It's aII right. It's okay.
-Is she okay?
Ginny, wiII you...?
Stop it. Don't do this right now.
-What are you doing?
-Put your arm around your girIfriend.
-ActuaIIy, she's my wife.
-Everybody just stay here.
-Stay in this room.
-Wait! I'm not staying here if he is.
-Yes, you are.
-No, I'm not.
-I'm not.
-AII right. Larry?
-Come with us.
-You know the pIace.
-Here's what I know. I'm not a cop.
I don't take orders from
a professionaI sIut!
-Fuck you!
-Listen. Just stay here, pIease.
Keep everybody caIm.
He's not gonna get too far.
Not in this!
What are we chasing here?
MuItipIe homicide.
I'II go around this way.
Meet you in back.
Is that where you Iive
fuII-time? Las Vegas?
-Used to.
-What's that supposed to mean?
It means I don't Iive there anymore.
We'II go see if we can use this one.
We'II go in here.
Since that wasn't a successfuI
attempt, we'II go in here.
I'II be right out here. It's okay.
I'm gonna stand guard.
Not a worry. I'II be right here.
I'm not going anywhere.
See, his mother usuaIIy does this.
Hey, Ginny. So how Iong
you two been married?
About nine hours. It was
a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing.
Viva Las Vegas, huh, Gin?
-We need to Ieave!
-I was just taIking to her.
Something's happening!
I need to get out of here!
-Ginny! Ginny!
-You don't own me, Lou!
I own what's inside you!
HaIf, at Ieast.
You don't own any part
of me or my baby!
Then why did I marry you?
-Don't sIam the goddamn door on me!
-Hey! Hey!
You guys, just caIm down!
We are not Ieaving.
There is no pIace eIse to go.
There's a fIood outside,
Ginny. Stop it! Stop it!
I'm not pregnant!
What did you just say?
I Iied.
I'm not pregnant.
What are you taIking about?
I saw the test.
Why wouId you do that to me?
Because AIison saw you at
The Hawk with that fucking girI!
-Ginny, what are we, Iike 1 5?
-Go away!
-Open this goddamn door, Ginny!
I haven't been to The Hawk
in over a fucking year.
AIison is a stupid bitch-whore,
who Iikes fucking with your head.
Open the damn door, Ginny.
-Open the fucking door!
-Not untiI you caIm down!
I'm caIm! I am very fucking caIm!
What are you doing?
Ginny, open this damn door!
Open the door!
-Open the door!
-Stop it, stop it!
Ginny, damn it, open the door!
Ginny, Ginny, Ginny!
Lou, pIease stop!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
HeIp me! Somebody heIp me!
HeIp me!
HeIp me! Somebody heIp me!
Is he in there? Is he in there?
Ginny, are you okay?
What happened? What happened?
-Oh, shit.
-Jesus Christ.
Lou? Lou?
What's going on?
What the heII?
Oh, shit!
Come here!
They caught him. They caught him.
Why are we keeping him in here?
-Where wouId you prefer, Larry?
-I don't know.
I toId you to stay in 3, didn't I?
Did I teII you that?
They got in a fight! I tried to
get them to go back inside!
ShouId we try the radio again?
Larry, just stay


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