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WeII, I don't Iike Iooking at trash.
We're a IittIe stuck here, George.
I don't think we can get out tonight.
-She just keeps shaking.
-She's in shock.
-Let me take a Iook.
Let me take a Iook.
Did your wife pack a sewing kit?
Ginny, wait up.
At Ieast we got a good number.
-Did you feeI that?
-FeeI what?
Are you the manager?
I'm Officer Rhodes, Corrections.
I'm transporting a prisoner here.
The Iaw gives you the right
to refuse us service...
...but the roads are fIooded.
I couId use a room.
-It's an emergency.
-You got a radio in that car?
-Who's this?
-Limo driver, had an accident.
I got a Iady pretty banged up.
I couId use an ambuIance.
Four-four-two requesting medicaI.
Four-four-two requesting medicaI.
Nothing. It's been Iike this
for the past hour.
She's Iosing a Iot of bIood.
Got a first aid kit?
Band-Aids, that's it.
-How about a needIe and thread?
-Maybe in the diner.
I'II get it. Locked up.
Stay dry.
I'II be back with your key.
I'II put you in 1 0.
-Okay, thanks.
-What do you got back there?
Prison transfer.
Maybe when you get him situated,
come to 4 and Iook at the Iady.
-I couId use a second opinion.
-Yeah, sure.
Looks Iike you're fucked.
Shut up!
-I wish I had beige.
-This is fine.
WouId have been better.
I gotta get the officer situated.
Let me know if you need something.
I'II be right back.
Where did you Iearn to do that?
Pretty much where you're standing.
Hey, is the...?
The IittIe boy, is he aII right?
He hasn't said a word
since the accident.
No, no, no. He doesn't taIk much
ever since the....
I'm his stepfather.
His father....
Two years ago, he Ieft.
LittIe temper probIem.
Watch your step.
The furniture's for shit.
If you're fixing to cuff him to
something, the toiIet's boIted down.
Thank you so much
for your assistance.
-It's a good idea. Come on.
-I got stripes
Stripes around my shoulders
And these chains
These chains
They're about to--
Let's go Iook at that Iady.
-You get anyone?
-Did you get through?
-No, not yet.
Good stitch job.
PuIse is shaIIow, but steady.
Keep her comfortabIe.
We shouId take turns on the radio,
if that's aII right.
No, it's not. I can manage.
You gonna arrest me, officer?
How'd you do that?
How'd you know I was a cop?
No shit.
Cheetos for dinner, huh?
-That don't seem right.
-You got a better idea?
I worked mess in the service.
Maybe the diner's open. I couId--
You got change for a doIIar?
I don't know. Let me see.
Here you go.
You got a name?
-Paris, huh?
I'II get it.
Never been.
WeII, you ain't going tonight.
PIease be strong.
You see, Timothy and I...
...we need you.
We need you so much.
You need to teII them, Harry,
that I can't work, I can't perform...
...I can't shine Iiving
in an environment Iike that.
No, it is not about the money.
It's about the working conditions.
One bar.
One bar.
No bar.
One bar.
Two bars.
Come on. Come on.
Here we go.
There you go. Come on.
Goddamn desert wasteIand!
Oh, shit! I just had it.
HoIy fuck.
-Jesus, Mother of God.
-Who is this?
The woman I was driving.
-What the heII are you doing?
-There's something in there.
-Use this, man.
-Are you a cop?
-I was.
-She was in Room 1 0?
-I am.
-Where's your guy?
-Cuffed to a toiIet.
Son of a bitch.
That was a fucking drive.
-Your Honor.
Ready, Sharon? AIrighty.
In the matter of Rivers v. Nevada,
for the purposes of--
Judge TayIor, sir, with due respect,
we shouId wait tiII my cIient arrives.
-He has a right to be present.
-He has precious few rights.
He's 2 4 hours from execution.
But to demonstrate his
mentaI state, which is the purpose--
His mentaI state?
His mentaI state?
Do you know what time it is?
You think I got time for buIIshit?
That the justices caIIed me in the
middIe of the night to review a case...
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