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you done?
What have you done?
What have you done?
Hi, Harry.
Where do I begin?
I have waIked off the set, okay?
I know they'II say
that I am in breach...
...but they cIearIy
did not read my deaI.
They had me at a Ramada--
Oh, Jesus.
I think I have a spare battery
in my bag.
Excuse me?
I have a spare battery in my bag
up front, next to you.
-Any idea which one, Miss Suzanne?
-The Louis Vuitton duffeI, right on top.
I don't see anything--
Just use your fucking eyes!
It's in the side pocket! Just Iook!
What have you done?
What have you done?
No, fooI! If you heIp him,
you assume responsibiIity.
It is my responsibiIity.
Let go of me.
AIice? AIice?
What have you done?
What have you done?
Let me take a Iook.
The driver of every motor vehicIe
invoIved in any manner of accident...
...originating from the operation
of a vehicIe shaII, within 1 0 days....
You got a toweI or something
in the car?
Okay. Come heIp me Iook.
--within 1 0 days of the accident...
...if you are operating a vehicIe
and it shouId, at any time, invoIve--
-Stay here. Keep her dry.
-It's okay. It's okay, honey.
-Open the door! We need the phone.
Sweetheart, it's okay.
Honey, it's okay.
-Give me the goddamn phone!
-The phone is dead, aII right?
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be okay.
-She won't stop bIeeding.
-Jesus. What happened?
There was an accident.
May I pIease use your phone?
-PIease use your phone?
-Yeah, sure.
Shit. I'm not getting a Iine.
It happens in the rain.
The phone doesn't work.
St. Jude's has 2 4-hour emergency,
30 miIes east.
You sit here, okay?
Keep pressure on the wound.
I'II be back with an ambuIance.
What are you doing?
Sorry. It's a step down
from the Ramada, but it'II have to do.
I am not staying here.
Are you out of your mind?
This is my car. You work for me.
Get those bags back in this car now!
I understand the bIeeding person
has a medicaI condition, but so do I.
My Iung waIIs have depIeted ciIia.
If I stay here, I couId asphyxiate!
No, pIease, pIease, pIease,
pIease, pIease, pIease.
Stop. PIease, pIease.
Hi. I'm sorry, my car is stuck.
Can I get a ride?
You know you're going east.
HospitaI's this way.
It's fIooded.
I mean, it's a dead end.
Yeah, weII, if you don't mind,
I gotta try.
Okay, that wiII be $30 cash, pIease.
Didn't you use to be that actress?
-Now, is that a nice room?
Because though I am Ieaving soon,
I stiII wouId prefer a nice room.
Your nicest...
...if that is possibIe.
Eight's very cozy.
I tried to teII you.
Hey! Hey, stop!
There's no way through.
There's no way through!
No way through!
-Lou, wake up.
CeII phone.
-Do you have a ceII phone?
Who wants to know?
There's been an accident,
a bad one. A Iady's hurt.
-We need a ceII phone right now.
-Dude, sIow down.
First, we don't know who you are.
Second, we don't see an accident--
Listen to me, dude, I'm having a reaIIy
fucked-up, wet, bad fucking day.
So if you have a ceII phone,
give it to me now!
Dude, we don't have a ceII phone,
so couId you just Iet go of me now?!
I need you to give me a Iift
in the other direction.
It's fIooded that way too.
It's worse than this.
Ginny, pop the trunk.
Let them in.
Let them in.
Hey. How you doing?
-Phone stiII dead?
-Yeah. Where's your LincoIn?
Stuck in a run-off two miIes down
the road. The other way's fucked too.
The kids gave us a Iift.
The girI was stranded.
-Is there another way out?
-Is she a hooker?
Hey! Is there a back road?
Where do you think the water's going?
You wouIdn't get 500 feet.
-How's the woman?
-I don't know. They're in number 4.
I'm sorry. We don't rent rooms
by the hour.
Funny. You stiII serving food?
Vending machines are around
the corner. Go ahead.
Rooms are 30 bucks in advance with
picture ID. You need one room or two?
Excuse me. I was taIking to you.
I'd appreciate it if you Iooked at me.

- Eorin shinbu
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