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say to you?
"Save me. "
Comrade Marshall...
A star has fallen!
Do you understand?
A global
natural disaster.
What are you doing
here? Go home.
You'll be a prince.
Hrustalev, get the car!
It doesn't get any
worse, does it?
Ein moment!
Lovely scent.
Everything was just
as it had been.
Nobody knew. Funny.
How does a lamb go?
How does a cow go?
Piss off!
Leave everything! Don't
take a thing from here.
I have to get
my passport.
Somebody get me
a rubber shoe!
Let's see your permit.
I am the apartment president.
Fine for them, they're
Russian... And us?
Oh Lord, tell me
what I should do!
15 kopeks,
how about it!
Don't call.
I can't go on.
I can't.
Here you go,
Comrade General.
Have a drink
and forget.
Get away!
I beg you, get away!
I'll tell you
a very funny story...
Madame Klensky, your passport
lists your new address,
but you don't need it
anymore. That's very funny.
Please, go away.
Tell him to bring five bottles
of cognac, I'll pay tomorow.
Get five bottles,
do you understand?
Your house, our house,
your house again...
it's enough to
drive you crazy.
Why aren't you singing?
Don't be ashamed
of being a Jew.
Try to be smart.
Am I right,
Comrade General?
We found the knobs
from the bed frame.
I never saw him again.
Boy, you can't
go there.
Here are the keys...
Where's dad, you idiot?
...where will he go now?
Look here, Alesha.
Am I really scary?
It's not him. Take
the keys, go home! Go!
Two such different
people, like a dream...
The next day they announced
Stalin was ill, then dead.
Father's name didn't appear
among those arrested or killed.
10 years not enough?
We can give you more.
Liberty! That means
freedom in English.
Right, I'll buy you a suit,
a bottle every Saturday.
Where will you go?
Who needs you?
Buy me!
Fuck off!
Go on, I'm buying.
I have a Moscow
residency permit.
Even the camp director
doesn't have one.
I'm the best stoker
in Moscow.
At a furrier dealer's.
Moscow - very well.
Some cat taught me
English at the camp.
Curse in English.
He didn't teach
us that.
How will you
communicate then?
He died in
the winter.
Refused to curse?
I'll tear his eyes out!
Fuck the old goat!
Bitch's shit!
Shove a sword
up his ass!
Here we are!
Put a hook in his ass
and throw him in the sea!
My star shone brightly...
then all at once
it declined...
...trouble parted us...
Got money?
How much?
- 10.
Highway robbery.
- Piss off!
Your health.
- Let go.
Hey you, it's
cold out there!
Hey you, aren't you cold?
Very long way
to home.
Liberty, BITCH!
Where did you come
from, tempter?
Why, I'll...
What did I do?
- Let's see some papers.
Go after your
hat, mister.
Hold this.
What did I do?
All my life
they beat me.
All my life!
10 years more...
so what?
I'm not complaining, but
why do they beat me?
That's it. I'll axe
the lot of you!
I had a dream...
So what?
One night I had
a nightmare -
that my sweetheart
was getting married...
I'll hold it on
the 67th. Comma.
Bet you can't.
There's a turn.
Take this. I'll hold it
with the shocks.
The shocks.
Wipe my nose.
Wipe my nose.
The shocks.
Hands in pockets.
Sit Down.
Hands in pockets, where's
your right one going?
Written by S. Karmalita
A. German
Directed by A. German"Same as it ever was and
will be evermore:
a horsie and a little boy
brave the bitter cold... "
All my life I thought my
grandmother wrote that -
no, she wasn't a poet -
that's funny.
Back in the day
our street was lined
with Persian lilac.
It disappeared, suddenly.
And there's hardly anyone
that remembers it -
not that they died,
just forgot, that's all.
That February night
of 1953
the stoker at a
fur dealer's...
So this stoker Fedia Aramyshev,
aka Condom...
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