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I wanted to ask you,
I want a child from
someone like you.
Look away.
I'm the prize bull?
With some differences.
What are those?
For one, it seems you're
not long for this world.
Second, I'm also
risking something.
Look away!
Return the favor.
Move over.
There's a spring.
My feet are cold,
wait a minute.
It's not alcohol.
It's currant.
Are we making love or
getting an abortion?
General anesthetic
or local?
I'm old and tired.
I'm sleeping over there.
That's my place.
Maybe you should fall in love
with someone else.
The astronomer
is very nice.
He's an idiot.
I'll just screw it up.
Now, if you were
a biology teacher
we'd have a better time.
Help me.
Nature has gifted us
with love's play.
I'm going to sleep.
Pushkin wrote, you
share with me...
He was a negro.
Move your legs.
I'm getting up.
Hold on...
Let go!
Hold on a minute.
I nearly died just now,
like the cat.
Take off your shirt.
Hold on.
Spread the legs, right?
It'll hurt, but I can take it.
Don't be afraid.
It hurts!
Aleksey, 12 and
a half years.
Residence permit 010643.
Ice cream?
It's sugar.
Stick your ass
out the window.
It'll be cold
and sweet.
Son, tell him to give me
back my tea...
I can't go without tea.
Ok, gramma,
give us the satchel...
Give her back
her tea.
Give me the tea.
They checked our things,
can we get dressed?
You're a true gentleman.
It's a heating pad.
We don't have
a rubber one.
He sent me a note
with the driver.
You see, he's
leaving me.
Why aren't you asleep?
Are you stupid?
They're looking for me.
You still have to sleep.
Alesha, we found
that knife
the General was
so mad about it.
It was in the sofa.
Ma, we thought
it was lost...
Comrade Major came
and found it.
The milk is about
to boil, bitch.
There's a telephone number
on the back.
Call it, say Eagle or
Sailor, you choose.
Eagle, what's it about?
Use your head.
Save yourself,
your mom.
My father's a general!
When your general shows up,
call the number.
How can you seal up
the house?
Where do we go?
How many are you?
Two - you and the boy.
The rest are...
Goodbye, you didn't
try the borscht.
They sealed up
Funtik! Horror!
That's a government seal!
Everybody saw whose fingers
touched the seal.
Get your hands
off me, bitch!
Two pigs.
You're all vile.
Why do you hate
me so much?
Because you're vile!
We'll see the
northern lights.
Even your gramma
left you!
Old bitch.
Gramma Yulia!
I'm waiting
for the train.
Parrot's a Jew bird:
don't eat at all.
At the same time,
the stoker Aramyshev
had been getting the heat
for the past 24 hrs.
...call the furrier
and tell them
the stoker
has been arested.
Is that so hard?
Maybe I murdered
Fedya the scout?
You bastards know how
to torment a human being.
I hear roosters
at night.
Pull over!
Pull over!
Kill the lights.
Get out of the car.
Quiet, you!
Mister, have you seen
a boy, 6 years old?
Whore's eye!
Seen a boy,
6 years old?
Father-mother Tatars,
I'm Russian.
I like being Russian.
I'm in charge of
the pumping station.
In conjunction with
a personal holiday
I request
a beer donation.
Boys, come piss
on my dog.
German whore
scalded my dog,
but urine is
a disinfectant.
Don't you know I'm the head
of the pumping station!
Two buckets of
the best dung gone.
Who do I complain to?
We're the punishing squad.
What do you say?
Get the local
photographer, now!
He stares
like a wolf.
I wasn't sure at first,
but now... thank goodness!
I can't use
this background!
Get rid of her.
Give me back
my hat. Please.
Thank you.
And thank you, too.
Glasses. Four packs
loose. Bread.
Stop! I will use force!
Tell the gang
they got me.
What did you say?
What did you say?
Get back here,
tell them it's a lie!
He's lying!
Vovka, get mama,
tell her to come
say goodbye!
They're taking me!
Get that chair
out of here.
It started
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