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Where's Vovan, you bastard!
You goat!
The key from under
the barrell, please.
This may hurt a bit.
The cunt.
I was going to pay a visit...
I'd been there 3 times,
but I felt like someone
was watching me.
I started to think...
Bath house hooked up
to hell.
It seems a bit about me...
You got money for a cab?
Listen, Sonia, if not here,
then nowhere.
I take my leave.
Don't, don't Sonia.
- Afraid?
Go on.
- Who else lives here?
Troops, move out.
Alesha got an A.
So, I have to sign the
real report card.
It's a lie - I didn't forge it.
Leave that walker,
get a cane.
Who let him have that sabre?
Who let him? You did, idiot?
Merchants' sons used to
forge IOUs.
No more merchants or IOUs...
I think you're not well.
...but there are trade schools.
Give the cake to the soldiers.
Look me in the eye.
The kettle sped forth like
a locomotive...
Get me some tea.
Listen, maybe I have to
whip you?
Should I whip him?
Want some of my tea?
What'd you do with the cake?
Yura, do you remember...
...your soldiers knocked over a bucket.
...a pity it shall vanish with me...
May I see the military doctor
Yuri Klensky?
Yuri Georgievich,
I would have recognized you
in a crowd.
I bring you greetings from
your sister,
who is a professor in Stockholm.
I know this is a bad time,
your mother...
Put on your jacket.
Go to your room, please.
I don't have a sister in
Stockholm or in Riazan.
Must be hard work getting
knocked about.
Your scarf's caught.
Get out!
Polina! Why do we have
god know what coming into
the house?
Shame on you!
Hello, Varvara Semenovna.
Mother can move her thumb.
Shall I take you home?
Can I take that chocolate
with my tea?
Did you know that
my esteemed mother knew
Anna Pavlovna Ke...
Petrovna -
Pavlovna -
Yura, I am losing my mind.
We saw what you were
doing with Polina.
Damn you!
A tear as hot as fire,
a human tear.
A boy in a general's garb...
drunken boy!
Meet my husband.
Almost Karamazov, Dmitri.
Take this for your nose.
I was at a double suicide.
Man and woman, very old.
Go straight to the hotel,
don't turn around.
You'll get your passport
at the airport.
It was some kind of
unusual love.
Listen, I can't go to the hotel
without a passport!
Listen you, poor soul with a soft,
what do you call it...
There's a train there.
Go straight! Yes!
Boy, I need to see your father,
open up!
It's very important for him!
Idiot, listen to me!
The idiot bit me.
I found a Bure watch.
Serega, beer for the General.
Comrade General, some
fish for you.
General, general, general...
...Blooms the flower of love...
Enough, understand?
You've got a heart of stone!
Didn't like it?
Didn't like it.
Bedbugs here up the wazoo!
It takes one to know one.
This place is a palace.
Quite the kitty!
Your old man shat himself,
go on.
Our lion cries piteously:
I'm hungry!
I want to eat all of you.
What sort of tea is that?
Secret general tea!
Make way for the performers!
We're off to the circus!
To work as asses.
I say, the whole Mighty Bunch
could perform here for you.
- End of the binge...
- That's for the better.
A binge - it's like...
it's like...
...crying out: I'm flying!
It's flying.
As an extraordinary measure...
March forward!
...a slice of salami...
How may I help you?
As an extraordinary measure...
The director's losing weight.
You're a doctor - you need
medical attention.
Go to hell.
You aren't losing anything!
Very, very successful!
How about the cornflowers?
Sure: cornflowers, cornflowers...
...many of them in the field...
...Do you remember?
Animal circus.
Have some more?
You're a swine.
What's the horseshoe for?
For twisting.
Just like childhood.
I'm coming over.
Bastrad, you have to
ruin everything!
Get that away from
the table.
Get it away from the grapes,
I tell you!
Thank you.
Boy, follow me!
You remember the
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