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would you
get an axe?
...That's it, that it.
Yura, I'll show you
something - you'll flip.
... not bad
Yura, it's about Shura.
I don't hand out
But you can
do something...
YOU do something!
What, with this punim?
I have 17 officers in
my clinic with a punim.
And how many
Mordovians do you have?
I'm the best
anesthesiologist in town.
You'll regret this!
You go!
Are you talking to me?
About-face! About-face!
Off you go!
Get me the head of the
1st division with an axe.
You need cats?
Shoo! Shoo!
I forgot my slippers
What is it? What?
I lost my wedding ring,
that's the whole trouble.
Yura, don't wake the devil
while he sleeps.
What's the axe for?
If you find a ring...
...Death in No. 11...
Show me the helmet, Ivan!
Shot right through!
What are you doing?
Hit the beast in the schnoz!
Yura, Yura.
Beat it!
Yura, can you
hear me?
It's just so tactless -
I've gone mad!
On top of it all,
Igor's missing.
You hear me!
Oh, I'm an idiot
Yuri Georgievich,
why all the fuss,
just ask me, and
I'll tell you.
Follow me!
This pen is leaking
all over me.
Cadets, follow me!
Best gift for the enemy.
- Why the enemy?
Look me in the eye!
Good boy.
Cadets released crows
from the trap.
First bell!
Go up, old man!
Second bell!
Hold that.
Step aside.
Crows in gas masks.
Death, is that you?
- Who's asking?
The General! Unauthorized
death prohibited!
I'm Death, Comrade General.
Unauthorized death...
Get the key.
It's in poor taste...
I like it.
Follow me!
Ok. It's the son of the
late groundskeeper.
But why in
the enema room?
Why the enema room?
How do you feel?
And you?
...son of the late groundskeeper.
Should have asked him
to shave.
I did ask, but he refused.
Come on in, folks!
So! Where do we
do enemas now?
Smells like shit.
Give that here.
Vania, come in.
Quiet please.
What we have here
is lead poisoning
with a hemorrhage.
Get back there.
Irreconcilable with life.
Irreconcilable with life.
Pardon me, madam,
but hulaloo.
The cigars are first rate.
That's for the doctors.
...the Iron Mask, I told you...
It's Munchausen...
... tells a lie twice daily.
It's cognac, not tea.
He loves it.
Look at that:
tan, teeth.
Look away.
Get this shit out of here.
Got it?
Beat it!
Why you, drunkard!
Drunkard in a
general's uniform!
Brothers, he's not Klensky,
I am!
Patient, patient!
Nobody dies out of spite.
Pure tea, with lemon.
Typical lead poisoning,
Very stupid.
I'm sure a tumor...
Comrade, General, don't...
Cadet, veni, vidi, vici!
...Doesn't know anything.
... Who put him here?
That's a sock, General.
Yura, I'll get your coffee.
Yura, I'll get your coffee.
I'll drop to the bottom
of the sea,
I'll rise up
to the skies.
I'll give you everything
under the sun...
Wait a minute.
The ice rose.
Sir victim, our path
is blocked...
by foreign nations.
So what if he's a Jew?
Remember the kindness.
Why is he crying?
He always cries
when he plays.
I'll kill you!
Dirty masturbator!
Now drink to the
Armenian people.
And to the great
Tat people.
It's a nation,
not a people.
A nation?
So you're a people,
and we're a nation?
"But he, the rebel,
begs for storms,
as though a storm could
bring him peace"
I think the Tat are
also a people.
Sorry, but I won't
take the ram.
To hell with it. What
do we need it for?
Sasha, meet my family.
My son, a hero.
My nose!
One American stuck
a finger up his ass!
Now I'll sing!
Yours has a ribbon.
The ribbon.
Quiet, all of you.
It's a lion roaring.
Son of a bitch!
Always getting in the way!
I'll kill you!
Get out, you bastard!
Pretty boy.
Got galoshes on? Good.
Who are you?
It's a bathhouse!
- I'm the bath doctor.
What about Marmeladova?
Parents had provincial taste.
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