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just yesterday held
a very enviable position!
Leva, do you hear?
Tturn the lights off
when you go.
You stole the light bulb
and the knobs!
Don't kill me!
You think they'll take me
on that ship now?
Idiot, you have to be
a dialectician!
Come, we'll discuss.
I have to sympathize
with you now? I hate you!
I wish you were dead!
Am I scum?
Listen, they all have
seats here, we don't.
You'll have to go back.
No one will
help us here.
Go away, will you?
Because, I have
to go...
Why don't you hover
over it, like a bird!
I never get to do
except swipe
toilet seats!
What did we get to do?
What did we get to do,
your father and I?
What, you little shit?
Shit! Shit!
Calm down, you're
strange! You're strange!
I haven't smelled that
for 20 years.
go back to your ship,
tell them I want them
to make you captain!
And tell the old shit
to give back the knobs!
Don't you dare!
One, go! Two, go!
Three, four, five!
Off you go!
Don't fret, mister,
it's better this way.
I'm Doughboy!
I'm Doughboy!
Me too!
Me too!
Let me go, boss.
Go where?
Fog, fog...
Don't tempt fate,
...not entitled to
a personal vehicle...
Do I get a
working furnace?
Here comes the boss.
Hello asses!
What's with the
door here?
On your asses!
Here's the sugar.
Get a towel.
Have some sugar.
You'll get over it.
See that?
Cops everywhere,
better run.
Nice weather we're having.
Last name
starting with K!
Boss, I wanna go south.
What's wrong with
right here?
Up you go.
Baby steps.
That's my shoe!
That's my shoe, you bastard!
That's injustice!
It's his shoe!
All the shoes
are yours. Yours.
Go behind the car
and fix yourself. No?
Boss, ship me off
to Korea!
You do look alike.
Fuck off!
Get his shoe on.
Allow me, please.
He's got three now,
this is a kid's shoe!
That's a kid's shoe.
...I'm not complaining...
Shush! Hands.
Husband's the local
Get back in.
Are you deaf?
Bring me some clothing,
or I'll rot in here forever.
Strip him, throw
everything out.
Give me back
my suit, assholes!
When I was a boy...
from Sweden... Beat it!
No questions?
- No.
The doctors' conspiracy.
Questions? -No.
You have to sign.
Come here.
Come on.
Get a barber, the whole
pharmacy, doctor.
Or the lot off you is off
to Africa come Monday!
You too, old man.
You a Tatar?
Bear up.
Get a coat
for the general.
All Jews those fags.
Back to being General,
now behave yourself.
Sign, would you?
I'll sign your
forehead, dickhead!
Swap pipes, General,
for old-time's sake?
Comrade General,
if you please...
My wife played the
main part, it so happens.
What's this?
It's what it is.
... while I looked on.
Come on.
That's for you,
Comrade General.
Why does it smell
like perfume?
Give me a drag,
I'm dying.
No smoking here,
Pick up the wash.
Turn the bulb.
Come, lend us a hand.
- Clean.
Germs... germs...
He was clean!
He was clean!
Your father?
- Father?
That's well-said...
Get rid of
that idiot!
That smell!
My god...
Comrade Stalin
is departing...
They say you can save...
I'll make you rich!
- Impossible!
- Then I'll have you shot!
I'm sorry.
Come back!
Make him
fart again.
What is your name?
- Klensky.
That's good.
Very good.
Come with me, soldier.
Have some tea.
Take a seat.
Fever, you understand?
What did he say to you?
"Save me. "
Comrade Marshall...
A star has fallen!
Do you understand?
A global
natural disaster.
What are you doing
here? Go home.
You'll be a prince.
Hrustalev, get the car!
It doesn't get any
worse, does it?
Ein moment!
Lovely scent.
Everything was just
as it had been.
Nobody knew. Funny.
How does a lamb go?
How does a cow go?
Piss off!
Leave everything! Don't
take a
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