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begging for death,
in agony,
stinking to all hell - you know
how they stink.
And still, they don't believe.
Just one! Not a chance.
Tolstoy invented premonition
of death.
There were three of them.
Have some of this, my boy.
Get out.
What, what's with you?
Now when Nero dies,
that's when the
executions start.
Forget the doctors, nobody
will need us then.
What, what's with you?
Here, hold this.
Listen to me.
You don't talk about HIM in
my house this way.
You're a cynic! Pervert.
You got an old dog drunk.
Maybe it's better that way,
how do you know?
Don't you dare!
Listen, you know the story
of the shadow coming to life?
You know why?
Let go!
I saw it!
I heard it!
You're sick, Yura.
You're a doctor. You have to
accept it.
Get out of here, I stepped
on a thumbtack.
Did you see that Jew?
Wait... I'm sorry...
Four spokes, uncle Yura...
Pardon me...
Hold it up straight.
The dog is drunk.
An outrage...
Hold! What's this?
They're putting us nine
in a room.
I'll tell the Marshall that I'll go
and get pneumonia.
And the musicians...
If he loves you
have the child.
So what? So what?
The devil has lifted
his eyelids.
Take a look - your brake
lights are out.
I'm not going. You've
been drinking.
Whose coat is that,
Comrade General, speaking
of eyelids...
I'm not that kind of doctor.
You'll go and give the letter
directly to Natasha!
Where the hell do you run
off to every day?
Comrade General, I wanted
to ask you -
the veterinarian that fell
into a stupor...
I left money in the car!
Some general you are!
Anybody can yell!
Shut up! I'll bark you
to hell!
Comrade General...
...my head hurts...
...the General is in the clinic,
wearing a hat.
Ha, Death!
Comrade General,
an officer...
...see that you don't trap
some of my angels...
...get the attending
Yes, sir!
A hedgehog out at sea,
in a general's uniform.
Wait an hour,
if nothing happens,
go to sleep and forget.
A hedgehog out at sea,
in a general's uniform.
My ring.
I have Anzhelika,
she has a husband.
If I make it, everything
will turn out alright.
Give me that canister.
I'm an idiot, idiot, idiot!
Worse than a child!
How's mother?
Varvara, could you
put me up
for the night,
And tomorrow, buy me
civilian clothes.
That's all.
It's about the water
cutoff, mother.
What did you say?
Blink, blink, it's better
if you do.
Pardon. I feel
a bit ill.
The cat smells it.
Go on, live!
Blink, Varvara!
Your pants are in
tatters and wet.
How did that happen?
None of that!
I'm an old maid...
with sinusitis.
This fatty is still in love
with her General.
Why, perhaps?
I'm sorry.
And he comes to her.
And says, Save me.
I didn't say that.
What does she feel?
She feels nothing.
Dreaming of Turgenev
women? Let go!
Hold it!
Turgenev women are
everywhere, like mice.
I'm on a binge, see.
Don't know
whose coat this is.
The owner will kill me.
I was fishing
and went home.
Give me a match.
Shut up!
If you knock once more
I'll go off to Pratovo.
If I let you go I will
ruin myself. That's all.
You teach
Russian literature?
Smells like coffee.
It's from the can.
He got into the bathroom
with your perch.
He was frightened
and nearly died.
It's not a perch,
it's a carp.
Basically, two old women
were chopping rails,
sat down in the snow,
make me baby,
little hands and feet,
baby curls...
I wanted to ask you,
I want a child from
someone like you.
Look away.
I'm the prize bull?
With some differences.
What are those?
For one, it seems you're
not long for this world.
Second, I'm also
risking something.
Look away!
Return the favor.
Move over.
There's a spring.
My feet are cold,
wait a minute.
It's not alcohol.
It's currant.
Are we making love or
getting an abortion?
General anesthetic
or local?
I'm old and tired.
I'm sleeping over there.
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