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- Yes, so what?
Did you... shoot me or what?
I didn't push anything, it shot itself, I swear!
Congratulations, brother, you've killed a real yogi.
- And what happens to jinnis when they become mortals?
- What?
Did you forget it? I'll remind you.
When they die, they come back into their can.
Never, never will you be free.
Soon I will have all jinnis together.
Then there will be the global apocalypse.
Fly to the roof! They've put Hottabych in the can again!
Check the cupboard. Maybe there are some more of them in there.
- Bring Hottabych back.
- How?
- Do you remember what he told you about the genetic code?
- If at least something was left...
- At least one cell, or a hair.
- Gena. I still don't know.
What do you have to do with it so a miracle happens?
So, again. We take the genetic code of Hottabych,
transform it into binary, find patterns
and integrate them into a software shell.
- Everything is very easy.
- And you call that easy?
To get the information from the DNA, you need money.
- Look here, you never saw so much money in your whole life.
- That you call much?
Let's get some pocket money out of this.
I know what we do. Here, credit card numbers.
We'll steal from some Americans.
Wait, we don't have to steal from anybody. Here.
Do you know how much this will cost?
- Do you want to export antique things?
- It is of no value.
Do you know what this is? -What?
This is papyrus, you see?
It was used in ancient Egypt instead of paper.
And, of course, nobody remembers their appearance.
Why should we have to remember them? Look yourself.
Hey! Don't be distracted!
Would you like to drink something? Coffee or tea?
- You will never marry, never!
- What?
Tea without sugar, please.
jinnis, appear and fulfill my wishes!
Numbers over numbers...
No luck.
It doesn't work.
- Computer crashed.
- Daddy? Mummy? You made it!
The 13th. Come out at once!
And? Who is the old idiot and who is screwed up?
- Only you can get him now.
- You are right, shadow.
And stay there forever.
* Hello!*
Use the grenade!
Too early... too early... Now!
Never. Never...
You lost. My teacher was a great gamer.
"For my teacher"
Yes, I cannot kill. But in this world
you can only be a file. I will just delete you.
"It is so interesting with you."
Can I take a closer look at you?
Why are you staring? Don't you recognize me?
Alright. We'll see each other.
Don't forget to say about the breasts.
Use a condom if you don't want her to lay eggs!
Alright, alright. Do you think
it's interesting to see you making out?
You giant wingless creatures.
I couldn't help Hottabych to find the country of jinnis.
Because there is no country of jinnis.
But there's the internet.
The internet isn't bad either, I think.
You don't have to fulfill wishes,
and you can do fun stuff without end.
So, if you are on the internet
and weird things happen with your computer,
Hottabych is probably involved in it.
"Kittie, even though you're stupid, I love you."
"It's so interesting with you."
"I never met someone as considerate as you."
- Listen, man, you promised me a winter coat.
- Forget it, moth.
We don't have any money anymore.
We don't even have enough for a scarf.
For what you did you'll get a nobel prize, I'm sure.
And that means lots of money.
- Stop it, nobody will give us anything.
- They will, they will!
Shaitan is dead, so all wishes will come true.
Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
It would be really cool if we got the nobel prize.
We will get lots of money, and live happily... until we die.
Cool, he?
"Vendor of the month"
Well, imagine, there's no Shaitan anymore.
And all the things humans dream of are becoming true.
"Where can I download the Kamasutra? Direct links, important!"
"Today showing: "Flying glass""
So, and now, dear children...
I will tell you a very funny fairytale.I will tell you something... Where should I start?
A, here. This is the city


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