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can take photos yourself with it.
When you take a photo, a flat picture of this person appears.
Wait, you'll see for yourself right away. Open Sesame!
I can do that, too.
Here. I bought you a camera.
Take a picture. Aim at me and push the button.
- It didn't work!
- Yes, because the photo is still inside. I'll explain...
Ok, now it worked!
You won't understand that... Open Sesame...
Here you have a camera... Which one of us is the wiser?
An unknown hacker put a corporation to shame.
Even the Moscow newspaper writes about me already!
Do you want it to only write about you?
- Your third wish and I'll be gone.
- No. Wait a while, Hottabych, why are you so fast?
Don't take any pictures of me! I have a date to go to today!
- Hey, listen... Does she have a friend, maybe?
- A friend?
- Hottabych, I'll find one for you on the internet.
- Internet? What is that?
You can't explain it with two words.
You can do everything on the internet.
Get drunk with friends... Sing songs...
and of course have sex.
"I slowly take my leather coat off."
"I already took everything off and I'm sitting here and freezing."
On the internet you can see other cities and countries.
Paris. Real time camera in live stream.
Tokyo, New York...
and since yesterday Mogilev Podolsky online.
Now it's offline.
Say... Can you see on the internet how beautiful women take shower?
Nothing easier than that.
So.. For example. Cheerleader Baseball team from Kentucky.
What stuff do you do here?
- That wasn't for me! Hottabych asked!
- I didn't ask for anything. He showed me!
I'll introduce you. Hottabych, jinni from the can.
Tell me what you smoked and I'll tell you who you are.
So, my children, how about a beer?
A quarter to 6. I'll go to my date. Entertain yourselves.
Stand still, it doesn't hurt!
I already thought you wouldn't go. I'm a wise man, after all.
- She'll see me and think "What a loser".
- How can you be a loser with so much money?
- I already understood how your world works.
- So, if she wants to be with me, only because of the money?
No, not only because of the money.
Look, what is it my business anyways?
- She sent her picture herself! She called you herself. You see.
- Actually, yes.
Once I had to go too. But I got scared and didn't go.
I had thousands of women after that.
But I never found somebody for life.
So, go, and don't be such a slowpoke. Go, will you!
And don't forget to say about the breasts!
I can conjure up thousands of beautiful women.
But to find one who will understand me too...
I have a problem with that.
Here are thousands of women. Chat with everyone you want to.
To get into a chat, you first need a nickname.
This is too lame. Something like that.
"Hello, Hottabych... Do you want to meet me?"
Say, how do you do your magic? Do you have magic hair?
Here, hold it.
- And now? How can I use it?
- Be quiet. Don't disturb me.
"Hello Kittie"
"Tell me something about you."
"...So I climbed into the mouth of the dragon
and knocked his teeth out."
"It is so interesting with you."
"I can tell a lot more things..."
- And? How's it going? Do you want to play CS?
- I can't play CS.
- I'll teach you.
Too early... too early...
Now, now! Exactly now! Grenade!
Whoa, not bad.
What idiots.
Oh no... I'm fucked.
Why didn't I think of it earlier?
Sent a wrong picture. What should I do now?
The most important thing about a person is the soul... and not the body.
I'll give her money. She should get a new hairstyle... Some beauty fixes...
When I saw her, my heart started singing. Even in English.
- Were you the one who hacked the Microsoft server?
- Yes...
Finally I met someone who appreciates that.
Just my job. Nothing personal.
I won all levels!
Let's get out of here. Why are you standing around, beauty?
How do you talk anyways? Wait.. Now you're speaking Russian.
- I can speak Russian?
- Yes... Rather help bring the bridegroom away from

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