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the eye!
If you are a jinni, prove it. Show me a miracle.
Alright alright! I believe you.
You have three wishes, my young friend.
Go and find out what we need to know.
I will!
So you are a jinn. -Yes.
So, so, so. Here. That is a mouse.
Can you make it so that on every mouse
there's a bottle opener?
Because it's uncomfortable, when you sit at your PC...
Can't you think of something more intelligent?
You have only three wishes, you idiot!
I'll buy a new car, a house...
Everything will be like with humans.
With this hacker we'll earn millions!
He doesn't have any money, doesn't know where to go...
He will work for it.
Jinn is already gone. Can is gone.
Stay there and listen to what they say.
Hello? Hi. And, how about the money?
One moment. Hottabych. Can you make money?
It's a piece of paper with a pattern.
Will it be your first wish too?
Yes! I'll be right back.
Hello? Hello? -What hello?
Hello? -Hello to yourself!
The heck? Where should I get 100$ from?
In 5 minutes you'll have 200!
Then here you go.
Hm. This is very high quality papyrus.
But is this pattern beautiful?
I don't know. But a lot of people like it a lot.
- And how much do you want?
- A million! A milliard! At best: a billion!
So: quite a lot. I understand.
Hey, but not everything at once!
What? He can pay? You know what?
Maybe I should shove the 1000$ up your ass!
Did you understand? It's enough. I'll go talk to him.
- Lena! Such a weird thing happened here.
I drew Hottabych out of the can!
He's really cool! He can do everything you want!
Imagine! Please call me back.
Yesterday an unknown hacker attacked the server of "Microsoft".
Hacker, server... What is that?
All just lamers. And the unknown hacker is me. Cool, eh?
Sadly till now we could only find out that the attack
on the corporation was carried out by a hacker from Moscow.
We hope on your collaboration on the search for the terrorist.
Alright. We'll collaborate on the search for the terrorist.
- On the search our security expert will help you.
- Help us?
- Yes. Anny flew here from Seattle today.
- So this is what experts at Microsoft look like?
Now I understand everything.
- Are you doubting my professionalism?
- I don't doubt you're playing professionally with dolls.
In that case we will work separately, and we'll see who catches him first.
Hackers, hackers, OK, Moscow hackers.
This one's lamer, this one lamer... Hey!
O, MaZaHaKa. We'll start with you. You wanted my picture? You'll get it.
Hi, What's up? I'm in Moscow! Wanna meet at 6pm, red square?
O, I know this nick! It is that american!
Hello, I'm in Moscow, let's meet on red square at 6 pm.
How did she find out I'm from Moscow? Sent a picture too.
- Ohh... Pretty girl.
- Oh yes.
- Do you know her?
- I have known her for a long time,
but I'm seeing her for the first time.
Actually I wanted to get to know her for some time, but it never happened.
- Hottabych, did you use your magic here?
- I didn't touch anything!
So, I should send her a pic too.
She shouldn't see that. That's something else...
I'm sick of something here,
she shouldn't know anything about that either...
She won't understand that...
She'll understand that, but wrong...
This should stay my little secret.
This one's ok. Although, it needs some help.
Oh well, that looks a lot better already.
Hottabych, that's the girl I need.
I want her to fall in love with me.
Not only a hacker, but also knows how to use Photoshop.
Lena? You don't have to call back.
Well, nothing will come of it. There are things even a jinn can't do.
jinns can't kill, can't force to love, and can't undo love.
Really. Awesome magician. Well. I'll consult my online ghosts.
I'll meet her today. Who advises what?
Show her you're cool.
Be a man. Not like all whites.
You should look like an adult, show it to her!
Use Chinese lanterns, it is so romantic!
Fill her up with beer.
Drive her with your


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