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But such a country doesn't exist.
- Where did you go to then?
- Nowhere. Far away from the world of humans.
- And how do you want to stay here? What if Shaitan finds you?
- What would he want from a normal human?
- But you are no human, you are a jinni.
Yes, a jinn. But it is possible to solve this problem.
For that I have to concentrate.
Usually those stories end here. A wizard becomes a human...
But in this story, the most interesting part still lies ahead.
Because on the first look, the plan was brilliant.
But on the second... this was a very stupid plan.
Hey? What are you doing in there?
So, that was it. I stopped being a jinni.
I'm a normal human now. Almost.
Take care, can. I always hated you.
I'll buy a little house... and live there
with my Kittie. We'll sit at the beach
and listen how the alarm system sings.
It cannot be true, that he flew away.
I have good news. I found the can.
- The apartment is ready for seducing.
- Thanks, you really saved me.
- Damn, everything just synthetic.
Pal, do you have any wool to eat?
- Who is here?
Don't you recognize me? It's me, moth. I ate the flying carpet.
- What do you want of me? Shall I buy you a coat?
- A coat? A coat? That would be really cool!
It's ok, you'll get a coat.
- But that's only a moth?
- Moths are creatures too.
- Also, I promised him to buy him a coat.
- You promised a coat to a moth?
You're so nice.
- Jinn. Come here right away.
- Help! Help me! Oy... I'm being sucked into the can...
Did you see that? Do you think if you rub this thing
I'll fulfill your wishes? Up yours!
I'm no jinn anymore. And you, stupid shadow,
don't do that nonsense.
There are no rabbits here and no mushrooms.
I'm not stupid, I'm an actress!
Shut up! Never, never you will be an actress!
So you're a normal mortal now. Alright.
- Do you remember, what happens to mortals?
- What?
They die.
"Hello darling."
"I'm happy to see you."
See, she's here and happy to see me.
Hottabych, wait, I have to check something.
"You are a stupid sheep."
"Hello, Gena."
What do you do? I'd hit you for that!
Wait for what she answers!
"I'm happy to see you."
"Piss off, you stupid bot."
"It's so interesting with you."
- What does all of this mean?
- She's a robot. A machine. A program.
- But she talks with me.
- There are a lot of these robots in chats. They entertain the guests.
- And what is a robot?
- There are a lot of robots. They can look like humans.. or not.
There are programs, they can look like this, or that.
But what does she look like?
Like that.
- What is that?
- A code.
- That's her without clothes.
- Her naked? Oh god!
I know you have problems. And I know how to save them.
So she's like that with everyone.
- Who?
- The kittie. Prostitute.
Don't worry. If you want,
I can program you a whole harem of those.
If only you could send me to her, into that internet.
I'd talk to her eye to eye.
Old idiot, the internet. There's nothing to eat there!
Hottabych, you see... The internet,
it isn't a country or a city, it's just information.
Do you remember I told you I'm a wise man
and I know the secrets of nature?
Yes, I do. The earth has a form of a sphere.
Thank you for telling me.
I will tell you another secret.
In every cell of a body the soul is mirrored.
Where, where...In the genetic code!
Yes. If you can hack this code,
you can even make me a body like this kittie has.
But, to send me to the internet,
you need a part of me.
Wait. First of all, one single cell suffices,
and second: it is impossible!
Hey you, you can't even hack the genetic code.
What kind of hacker you are. I want to be alone now.
Why did I become a human anyways?
Humans are the most unhappy creatures.
They walk around and need something all the time.
They are slaves of their wishes.
I was a slave of my can, now I am a slave of my body.
- Hey, are you Hottabych?
- Yes, so what?
Did you... shoot me or what?
I didn't push anything, it shot

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