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explain what's going on here?
- I'll explain everything to you. But first you have to kiss him.
- Otherwise he won't wake up again.
- Does it have to be?
The poison is working on humans exactly like on jinnis.
Only your kiss can awaken him again.
Na, do it!
What? That's supposed to be a kiss?
Leave me alone, bitch.
You have a strange relationship.
It would have worked without kissing...
I just did that... For fun.
Who was this guy who shot at you?
-That was Shaitan. Or, if you like, "Shaitanych".
In the world everything is connected.
- There are jinnis who fulfill wishes
and Shaitans, who do the opposite.
- The opposite?
They make your wishes not come true, never.
For example you. You want to have a lot of money.
Shaitan will find that out and make it so
that you will always, whatever you do, be poor.
- I think I understood now.
- Dreamkiller.
If the can gets into his hands, I'll be his slave. Forever.
And if he finds all the other 12 jinnis, he will be the Allmighty.
And then... well, said shortly: the biggest apocalypse.
- A weird car you have. How long have you had it?
- Not long. Since today.
I actually wanted to meet up with a girl. I made the car for her.
I wanted to appeal to her. I thought we'd drive around, drink beer...
I thought it would be fun.
But this girl, as it turned out, is such a bitch
I don't even want to talk about her.
Maybe she isn't that bad. Maybe she grew up.
She works in a big company. Everything changed.
It's her job now.
- And? Tell me your third wish now.
- Now already?
Yes, now. Until Shaitanych hasn't found me.
I want... eternal life! For everyone!
For everyone? How nice.
And, in the end, overpopulation, hunger, wars.
- Well then...
- Don't think about others. Wish for yourself.
- For me?
- For you.
I want you to stay.
Well, if you have to go... I want...
Make me a beer.
That's it? Isn't that beer enough for you?
That's it... Take care.
Maybe you'll visit me some time.
At least write some letters.
Yes, I knew everything was different in Russia.
But I didn't think it would be so different.
If you lived here longer, you wouldn't see only that.
Everywhere Hottabychs... Garynichs... and the Baba Yaga.
Baba Yaga? Who's that? Did you have sex with her?
Surround them! Stand still! Don't move! Hands down!
Hands behind your back, head down!
- Wait! I can explain everything to you!
- So you can speak Russian, too.
- Head down!
- Wait, I know exactly it isn't him!
- Well, for that we know it is him.
- Bitch.
- We discovered that by chance.
- There are really weird stripes on it.
Yes, inspector, we found out: It is papyrus!
- What? What kind of papyrus?
- Real papyrus.
- Was used in old egypt.
- What an idiot prints money on papyrus?
Alright. Do you remember anything particular about them?
Please, get out of the car.
Dear Gennadiy. We want to thank you
for your bravery and your high professionalism,
which you have shown by hacking the damn Microsoft server.
I don't understand. Do you want me to work with you?
This is yours. Do whatever you want, hack whatever you want.
We understood we were wrong.
We will never disturb you again
and we will just forget what happened today.
Long live Gennadiy Vitalyevitsh! Long live Gennadiy Vitalyevitsh,
also known as MaZaHaKa, defying the inglorious Bill Gates!
They don't sing all that bad, do they?
- You're back!
- I came back because I forgot my hat.
- What hat? You don't have a hat.
- I have a hat or don't... How is that important?
Why are you talking about a hat anyways?
Actually I first wanted to fly here with a dragon
and make him spit fire on those warriors.
- But then I thought, why should I do that.
- And, how is the country of the jinnis?
- Country of jinnis... There is no such country!
- How, there is none?
That's it. It's just a fairytale, for little children.
I myself thought of it. A country in which
you can be free and don't have to fulfill wishes.

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