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but I am a very wise one too. I'm many thousand years old already.
You have weird trees here. Be greeted, tree! - silent. Doesn't want to answer.
Oho. Nice.
Did you forget to lock the door?
Oho. You are quite a lot. Do you draw money? And where is Gennadiy?
And? And?
- I know, what not even your wisest heads know.
- For example?
The earth... has the form... of a sphere.
- Cool.
- I can show you how to win the heart of a woman.
- You have to tell her. You wonderfully beautiful woman...
your body is like the one of a wild beast.
Your skin is as soft as a feather.
- Your hair is like a breathtaking waterfall, your breasts are...
- Hottabych, we should stop with the breasts...
Stop telling me fairytales! Do you think I'm an idiot?
So, hacker-glasseswearer-botanics. You'll work for me now.
What are you looking at? Download! -What should I download?
Are you stupid or what? Is this your first time at a computer?
Just download the money from the bank.
- And fast!
- How much should I download?
How stupid questions you can ask. A million.
Done. Money was transferred via E-mail.
Not bad.
And, how did it go? -Let's pick up the money.
There's the disc too. Not badly hidden.
How they multiplied!
- Say, what bird is it which sings so beautifully?
- Oh, that's just an alarm system.
Should I change all of it? -Yes.
Until you found the jinni you don't have to come back.
If I only could, I'd never come back.
"5 hours 17 minutes and 10 seconds left until meeting with object "girl""
"Start preparations? Yes/No"
- Do you maybe have something nostalgic?
- Yes, something cooler.
My grandfather has an old "Pobeda" car from 1951.
But the car is expensive. Very expensive.
"Buy a car"
The car, as it turned out, wasn't only very old, but also very expensive.
Whatever. If you really tune it,
there isn't a car like it, not even in the USA.
"Buy stuff to drink"
Ok, so bring the car at 6 pm to the red square.
- I'll organize it.
- Don't come late or I'll curse you!
Shit, all looks like shit. Then suddenly I got an idea.
Yo, Gennadiy, I'll do it, no question.
While Hottabych chilled and got used to big city life,
I went to the shop to get some computers.
They'll connect everything.
And when she gets into the apartment and sees the beauty,
you'll get it going with her right away.
Alright. Here are my keys.
"Buy new computers and servers"
How the world changed. It is boring. No, not that boring, actually.
Boring. I think he left me. Or he's getting his friends.
They'll take my can and wish wishes...
- No, no money arrived today.
- Another question...
Money over E-mail, how long does it take?
Tanya, did you hear? Money over E-mail!
Those assholes...
I have it. He hacked the server.
Then we'll get him.
And that's the proof.
We still had some time till 6 o'clock
so I asked Hottabych to drink beer.
"Relax and drink beer? Yes/No"
He didn't want to drink human beer, so he conjured up his own.
Hottabych... You won't burst, will you?
I'm a spirit and living a spiritual life. Why should I mind my body?
Although from time to time you should...
Put the can down. You don't let it out of your eyesight anymore!
As soon as I have fulfilled the wish of one human,
the next one comes up.
The can goes from hand to hand and I'm supposed
to do something to someone all the time!
But now, when I have fulfilled your third and last wish,
I'll return to where all jinnies live.
Wow, that's really a miracle...
- What kind of things you do.
- When you want to make a deal, ask me how to.
You'd like that! Another 6 months without sex!
Well then. I gotta work.
- Could you tell me where I can find Gennadiy Ryzhov?
- I think he went to an internetcafe.
- Tell me, who paints all these paintings?
- They aren't paintings, they are photos.
- What, this woman is a photo too?
- Yes of course.
Do you want to have a camera? You can take photos yourself with it.
When you take a photo, a flat picture of

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