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fill up with beer.
Drive with a car, hm... Car, car, that's something else.
Oh, that's a cool car. Although, she'll get scared.
That's a really cool car! Waiting time: 60 days.
Fuck, too long. Done in 40 minutes.
That's exactly what I'm searching for. Hmm... romantic atmosphere.
Hottabych, how can one create a romantic atmosphere at home?
- Carpets, scented candles...
- Carpets, scented candles... What should I with those candles?
If she is a hacker, you have to fill your apartment with computers.
Come to me to the shop, I'll give you a discount.
Buy a lot of computers.
- What do you think? Which one is better for a date?
- Better think about your second wish.
- And give me the can back.
- The can? I don't have it anymore.
- What? What you don't have it anymore?
- I threw it away.
- What? You threw the can away? What a disaster.
- It stank from it.
- It wasn't smelly!
And what if the can gets into the wrong hands?
And what if the new master wants me to burn crops? Or annoy little children?
- What then?
- Come down. Your can is in the trash.
What a disaster. The monster swallowed my can.
I will fly after it on my flying carpet.
- What the hell? What flying carpet? I ate your flying carpet years ago.
- What a disaster.
Up yours.
- They don't have the can. The can is driving away at the moment.
- Then catch up with them!
- Do this, do that. You are annoying me.
Maybe I'm an actress! Maybe I want to play in the theatre!
The flying carpet was eaten by the moth. Am I so old already?
How long have you been in the can?
- Uh... 3 times 30 times 30 years and then 30 times 3 years.
- 2790.
That's quite a lot. And I don't go outside for months.
When I go outside then, I don't understand anything anymore.
What happens around me?
Alright. I'll help you. It's my fault after all.
You know what, let's not take a carpet, but flying linoleum.
Is easy to wash... doesn't get eaten!
It doesn't work! We need speed.
Hottabych! Hit the brakes!
- Copper! About 700g!
- Put it to the old metal.
There he is!
3 times 30 bags, then we'll find it. Did you think of a second wish yet?
- No, not yet.
- Think faster!
- Look! Do you want to look like that?
- Tempting. Although, no, I'll think of something better.
And you, don't bark around. If I only knew what you're barking, I would bark back at you.
Give me something to eat! Why don't you understand?
- Did you hear? The dog talks!
- With that I fulfilled your second wish.
Now you understand birds, animals and all other creatures.
- What? Did I ask you for it?
- You said yourself: If I only knew...
Listen, you jinn. The next time you rather ask, did you understand?
- Understood.
- I'll go to the dump to eat now.
- Go wherever you want!
- I found it. The can is at the metal trader.
- Where?
- Back there.
So. What's happening here? Show your papers. Especially you.
- What kind of papers?
- Something like that.
Hehe, these papers I have quite a lot!
- Ok, listen, climb out of that thing now.
- You listen, you don't have the can,
so don't order around, you monkeycat!
- Yeah, right. Better piss off from here.
- It happened, my new master calls for me!
Order me, my master. I'm ready to fulfill all your wishes.
- Sit down.
- Your first wish will be fulfilled, my master.
- Have a drink.
- Everything you wish. This is the second wish.
- Illusionist! Tell me, how do you do that?
- Your third wish. You can already do it.
Hey! Copperfield! And a million dollars, can you materialize it?
Only three wishes, guys. Only three.
The right moment to speak out the third wish.
Ayayay... I'll help him anyways.
Your papers.
- Where is the can?
- Never again will you lift glasses with your eyes!
Do you understand?
So, now to my problems. I need what the girl likes.
a) Drive with a car
b) Create romantic atmosphere at home
- And to all this, the girl is a hacker.
- Of course I don't question the wisdom of your online ghosts...

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