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Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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to tell Margaret.
John, are you okay?
Yeah, thanks.
She wanted me to talk to him
and get the proof we need.
I think our next stop is Washington.
Are you sure you've got Walker covered?
I still can't figure out
why they suddenly decide to kill us all off.
Maybe Morgan found out
that Harolds was about to crack.
Why didn't he arrange an accident
for Harolds?
Five'll get you ten
there's a damn good reason he didn't.
Let's go ask him.
- May I help you gentlemen?
- Yes, Mr. Harolds' apartment, please.
- May I have your name?
- We want to surprise him.
I'm afraid we're not allowed
to surprise our tenants.
Even if you were J. Edgar Hoover himself,
I couldn't allow you upstairs.
It's not likely he could be Mr. Hoover
if he wanted to.
Not only is he the wrong color,
but Mr. Hoover is dead.
I'm sure you get my meaning.
Yes, we do.
We want to make sure
you get what we mean.
You see, my friend here is very cranky.
In fact,
I'd say he's on the very edge of anger.
And in about five seconds,
I'm going to ask him to kick your teeth in...
...if you don't show us the way
to Mr. Harolds' apartment.
Very well. Follow me.
He must have good teeth.
Remember what happened...
...the last time a Washington apartment
was broken into for political reasons.
Think about it.
It altered the course of history.
He will alter the course of your nose...
...if you don't show us
where the apartment is.
- lf you put it in that perspective...
- Now!
There it is.
- Should we ring the buzzer or kick it in?
- No, I'll ring the bell.
- Tell him it's you.
- It's me, Mr. Harolds.
Louder. Be more specific.
Albert, the doorman.
What do you want?
- Package.
- I've got a package.
- It's all right, Albert.
- Thank you. You've been quite civilized.
Good morning, Mr. Harolds.
"My vengeance is swift, saith the Lord."
I expected it to be swift and very violent.
I haven't been disappointed.
Since the day you walked out of
that hotel room in Paris...
...l've been wondering
if I might not see you again.
The fact that you are here now
is testimony to your powers of survival.
The test is not over yet.
I'd like you to meet John Booker.
Maj. Booker,
the shepherd of the betrayed flock.
That's what we're here to talk about.
Normally, I'd do what I've done
all the years I've served my country...
...and feed you a line of shit.
But I don't think I'll bother.
Perhaps you're doing me a favor.
No, Major, there's no one else here.
My wife and children had the good sense
to go on about their own lives years ago.
- Do you have a family, Major?
- I had plans, but they didn't work out.
Then perhaps you're fortunate.
So this is what I get...
...for having too much to drink
and finding a receptive ear.
Can you imagine a career diplomat
getting drunk and babbling...
...at a Washington cocktail party?
You don't get to be an old-timer here
without learning not to do that...
...unless you're over the hill.
An interesting phrase, "over the hill."
Conrad has been telling me for years,
that's where I am.
He's a brilliant man, Conrad.
Most of us think we know
what we want out of life.
But Conrad is one of those few
who knows how to get it.
Of course, he learned immediately
of my drunken indiscretion.
The captured indiscreet remark
is a source of power in Washington...
...a lesson Conrad learned well.
I may have been the one
who first taught him that.
Perhaps I am over the hill.
And she is a brilliant young woman,
quite lovely.
There was something about her.
I just wanted to talk to her.
But, of course,
you must know that by now, Major.
Your being the leader of the Black Tigers...
...I assume she must have gone
directly to you.
Of course,
Morgan assumed the same thing.
His efforts to find out
just how much you knew...
...and whom you might have told
have probably kept you alive.
Four of the men who came back with me
weren't as lucky.
My condolences, of course,
Хорошие парни носят чёрное Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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