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Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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walk I took
a couple of years ago.
What did you tell her?
Somebody told her more about
that mission than even you and I know.
That scar is ugly, but it's healed.
It's about to be reopened.
"Operation Sandstone."
I don't recall that one.
There was no Operation Sandstone.
You see that line with "D.A." on it?
It means that sometime during
an operation which never happened...
...it was confirmed
that you were a double agent.
See that "Sanction Authorization 1"?
There's a contract out on me.
- Correct.
- Why?
I think the reporter found out something
she shouldn't. What'd she say?
Someone talked to her about the mission.
I didn't want to hear about it.
That's why ostriches die young.
Whoever talked to her
has evidently decided to rectify his error.
Who the hell can get into
this machine and put out a hit on me?
Only the President, the Secretaries...
...and a few
Undersecretaries of Defense and State.
The directors of the FBI, the CIA...
...the Chairman
of the National Security Council...
...and the Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Thank God it's nobody important.
Jesus, this is crazy.
It's not just you, John.
I had reason to check out all five of those
guys who came out of that jungle with you.
Holly Washington is dead.
I think Lou Goldberg is, too.
- Was it your people?
- I don't know.
Well, find out.
Look, first I get a tip on Holly and Lou.
Then I meet a girl who knows more about
that goddamn raid than anyone should.
Then there's the fact that
I'm the one that sent you on it.
It isn't on that computer,
but it's a good bet...
...that my name is there
with the rest of the Tigers.
- Can't you warn them? Protect them?
- You can.
Last known names and addresses.
Mhin Van Thieu?
What is his name doing on here?
He was killed on that last raid.
Evidently not.
First listed as MIA, then POW...
...released at the end of the war.
We obviously paid him off
by bringing him into this country.
He's cooking for some Peking-style
restaurant in San Francisco...
...specializing in fried dumplings.
That's great. What else do you know
that you may have forgotten to tell me?
There is something,
but I just can't remember what it is.
That helps a hell of a lot.
Look, John,
there's a lot I can't help you with.
The company has too many eyes.
So you're going to have to
warn those guys yourself.
This is my life
you're screwing with, Murray.
It's mine too, friend.
- Gordie Jones, please.
- He's not home.
- Where is he?
- At his Uncle Sheffield's Travel Town.
Can I call him there?
He ain't got no phone there.
God, we don't owe you any money,
do we, mister?
Look, you can find him at his uncle's.
In Washington, Secretary
of State-Designate, Conrad Morgan...
... goes before his final Senate
subcommittee hearing this morning.
Morgan's approval by the committee
is virtually certain. At 41...
- Good morning.
- Is Gordie Jones here?
All aboard!
Hey, Gordie!
Hey, Sammy! How ya doin'?
Not much business today.
- You doin' any?
- No, business isn't too good.
It's Maj. Booker, Gordie. John T. Booker.
I thought you were Sammy.
You look just like Sammy.
Has anyone been to see you recently?
Has anyone asked you about
that last mission?
What I wish we had is pelicans
instead of seagulls.
Who asked you about the last mission?
Just yesterday. A lady. Maybe today.
I told her about the pelicans.
How was the halibut?
Who the hell are you?
That's the lady, Major.
Where are we going?
Skiing. Maybe we can get to Mike Potter
before they do.
But I've got a rental car.
You're on an expense account.
Don't worry.
- I don't have any ski clothes.
- We'll get something.
- Want some?
- No, thanks. Is it occupied?
Go find out.
Go to the bathroom.
No. 1 or No. 2?
The window seat,
Хорошие парни носят чёрное Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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