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Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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didn't show...
...so you marched out of the jungle
with five of your men.
Do you fool around?
It took you three weeks
to get out of the jungle.
Then you were, as they say,
"debriefed" in the hospital for two months.
Nothing was ever printed
about that strange sortie.
Why not?
How about something to eat?
What ever happened to those POWs
who weren't there to be rescued?
Have they been returned? Are they MIA?
Are they dead?
Will anybody admit that they ever existed?
- Will you answer any of those questions?
- Now, what can you do with one egg?
Watch out.
Nice selection. We can sautй these.
I tried it once. I didn't like it.
How about some frozen halibut?
Your unit was a part of Operation Phoenix.
Its job was to neutralize,
I believe they called it...
...the Vietcong undercover agents.
You were also assigned
to rescue our own POWs.
You're very intense for a girl with such...
How about one egg
with oysters and sauerkraut?
Are you going to tell me anything?
There's really not much to tell.
In the hospital, they told us the VC
intelligence had cracked our security.
Reasonable possibility.
They said our choppers
had been shot down.
Reasonable possibility there.
Then by the time they got replacements
to us, there was nothing but bodies.
That's what they said.
And like an obedient soldier,
you believed them.
In the hospital,
I told myself the war was over.
I lived through it, now put it behind you.
I could spend years trying to find out
if somebody set us up.
And if I found him, well...
...he most likely would be someone
I couldn't get to anyway.
What if he were someone you could get to?
I decided no to waste my life
to avenge something I'd survived.
It's over and I want to keep it that way.
I don't believe you really feel that way.
- Why are you asking all these questions?
- I can't tell you.
Then stop asking them.
I met a man at a cocktail party
in Washington.
He was what the newspapers refer to as
"a high-ranking government official."
He was also very drunk.
The scotch seemed to break
some barrier in his mind.
- He mentioned the Black Tigers.
- How's the sauerkraut coming?
Coming nicely, thank you.
John T. Booker:
A man taking his Ph.D.
in Political Science...
...who used to be a member of the CIA.
- Sounds schizophrenic.
- I was never a member of the CIA.
The Black Tigers were CIA.
I didn't know the Freedom of Information
Act was that effective.
It isn't, but I am.
What do you think of Conrad Morgan
being named Secretary of State-Designate?
- Nothing.
- Doesn't interest you?
I'm only interested in finding out
what you're not telling me.
Who's going to tell who first
what he or she isn't telling?
Maybe I'll tell you after dinner.
Or maybe in the morning.
How about the morning?
- Bad dream?
- Yeah.
- You don't sleep well, do you?
- No.
I don't either.
Did I keep you awake?
I didn't mind.
- I'll make it up to you.
- You already have.
How do you turn this thing off?
Why does anyone who doesn't sleep well...
...have an alarm that sounds like Big Ben
that can't be turned off?
- Where are you going?
- To run.
I run, too.
Well, come along.
I think I had sufficient exercise last night.
- Breakfast?
- lf you can find anything.
Of course, you don't eat breakfast.
I'll see you in exactly 27 minutes.
When I get back,
we can talk about breakfast, maybe.
Hey, Murray.
Why don't you get an honest job?
What, and give up my cloak and dagger?
John, I have to talk to you.
Pull over. Gas is expensive.
I know better than to ask
where you've been...
...but that cigar smells like pure Havana.
Fringe benefits.
John, what did you and Marilyn talk about?
Do I know her?
The reporter who seems to have
more answers than questions.
You wouldn't be talking about a writer
named Margaret?
She told me "Marilyn."
Next guy'll get "Myrna" or "Marilee."
She's obviously in the "M's."
What did you tell her?
I told her about a long
Хорошие парни носят чёрное Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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